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Wireless Network Security – Keep Your Wi-fi Secure

Cybercrime was a science-fiction term until about 20 years ago, when it began to be a reality. While a home or small office rarely has to worry about being the target of international criminals, there are still plenty of dangers online, from scams to spams to data theft due to unguarded networks or crackable passwords. Bay Area and Northern California residents know as well as anyone that protecting your network is the key to an enjoyable and safe internet experience, and the home network security experts at ClickAway are here to provide you with what you need to sleep well at night.

Home network security means a few things, but it boils down to making sure that no unwanted person has access to your network. If you have a home with multiple people or a home-based or small office, you want to be able to share data and transfer files. You need that kind of flexibility, but you also want to make sure that doesn’t open you up to data theft, either through basic mistakes or malicious players on the internet.

Home network security from ClickAway includes:

  • Securing your network from unwanted visitors. It is easy for hackers to copy passwords or install viruses that can steal your data or crash your system if your network isn’t protected. ClickAway gives you that protection.
  • Blocking access through spam. Spam isn’t just annoying; it is the backdoor through which hackers can infiltrate your system, whether it is to steal or just because they like causing trouble. We can block this for you.
  • A faster internet. An internet freed from spam and the machinations of hackers works more quickly and smoothly.

Protecting the Data of Your Family and Business

The internet is a wonderful tool, and a fast, flexible network where you can share data with family, employees, or colleagues is crucial to getting the most out of it. Use ClickAway’s home network security to make sure you are doing so safely. Safety starts as low as $79 an hour, so contact us today!