Home Server Installation

As low as $499
Our A+ BBB rated techs can install and configure your servers quickly and affordably.

A Solution for Growing Businesses

Bay Area and Northern Californian folks take pride in a lot of things, but one of the biggest is the widespread idea of the start-up company making it big. How many businesses around here started in a garage or office, without any investment, and succeeded through sweat and genius? That’s the dream of everyone who has a home-based business or works out of a small office: growth. However, that growth needs to be accompanied by infrastructure growth. A couple of computers on a network might not do it anymore. When you need home server installation in order to keep up with your success, you need ClickAway.

As your business or family grows and needs more computers connected with the ability to transfer and share data easily and securely, an affordable server installed by the experts at ClickAway is the home office solution you’ve been looking for. Our expert and friendly technicians can install your home server for as low as $499 for five computers, giving you the connectivity and power you need to compete.

When we provide a new server configuration, we will:

  • Create your domain
  • Set up new users
  • Set up Microsoft Exchange ($199)
  • Provide full documentation in the form of a system profile, which includes a complete list of the number of printers and computers, along with their user names, passwords and IP addresses.
  • Provide a detailed schedule of administrative and maintenance services

Don’t get left behind because you think you don’t need a server! It’s quick, easy, affordable, and what you need to gain an edge. ClickAway’s home server installation is ready to come to your house or small office and get you connected.