Computer Moving

Computer Moving

Computer Moving Services

We can help relocate your computers, networks and servers quickly and with expert care.

Down the street or across the country – moving is a huge project. Make sure your downtime is minimized by letting ClickAway take care of your computer move! Simply schedule a friendly ClickAway technician to visit the day before your move to carefully bring down your computers and network and then pack your equipment for the move.

If you’re moving within the Bay Area, we can transport everything to your new location and then set up your computers and bring up your network. With ClickAway, you can worry where the file cabinets or couch will go, and NOT worry about being able to check your e-mail!

What’s Included?

  • Secure packing of all computer parts & peripherals, including cabling
  • Professional reinstallation and testing at your destination
  • Installation of additional hardware, software and memory, if desired
  • Data migration and back-up (when requested)
  • Coordination with your Internet provider for reinstallation,
    configuration and connection
  • Installation of wired and wireless networks
  • Computer and software training