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ClickAway Cupertino in Cupertino CA offers Verizon wireless plans, cell phones, cell phone repair, computers, computer repair and computer networking.

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ClickAway Cupertino – Verizon Store + Phone Repair + Computer Repair

By Foothill Shopping Center near Trader Joe’s, Wells Fargo, and Peet’s

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If there is one thing a cell phone or computer services store should know, it is never to offer anything less than the best to customers in Silicon Valley. Luckily, at ClickAway Verizon Cupertino, we only offer the best computer repair, IT services, and Verizon phones and products, regardless of location, and our Cupertino store is no different. Inside our doors, you will find an independent, full-service cell phone store and computer repair center.

There are two kinds of customers who come into our Cupertino store: those who know exactly what they want and those who don’t. We make sure that both types are treated with equal respect. We won’t waste your time if you know what you want by trying to sell you other things, and we don’t try to convince you to get the most expensive Verizon phone or computer repairs if you don’t need it. We diagnose your problems accurately and fairly.

Cupertino’s Store Manager wants to emphasize this level of care and respect. “The experience is the best on the market! As a ClickAway company store, all Verizon, computer, and repair requests and questions are met as well as technical support inquires. Since ClickAway specializes in phone and computer repair, both services are offered for an easy one stop-shop experience where all requests are met, all expert-based opinions are given, and as a customer we can guarantee that in the future, our staff is always there to help!”

Conveniently located at Homestead and Foothill, ClickAway’s Cupertino store is just across the shopping center from Trader Joe’s and Starbucks. So grab some Joe (of either variety), and head on over to get the best Verizon phones on the market. Let us help you stay connected!

ClickAway has been servicing Apple products since 2002. Avoid the long lines, let ClickAway repair your Apple devices and save time and money.

ClickAway Verizon Cupertino + Phone Repair + Computer Repair
Phone: (408) 743-5113span
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22368 Homestead Road
Cupertino, CA 95014