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ClickAway Concord in Concord CA offers Verizon wireless plans, cell phones, cell phone repair, computers, computer repair and computer networking.

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ClickAway Concord – Verizon Store + Phone Repair + Computer Repair

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Formerly known as Todos Santos, Concord has long been a city that respects its traditions but is ready to move on. That makes our ClickAway Mobile store a perfect fit. We repair and recycle all your old products, but also offer new Verizon phones coupled with exciting cell phone plans and excellent customer-service.
At our Concord ClickAway store, we know that some things never change, and treating our customers right is one of those. From short wait times to a friendly, well-trained, and knowledgeable staff, we strive to make getting a new Verizon phone an experience as pleasant as it is rewarding.

And as Concord’s Store Manager emphasizes, it is a pleasant experience. People, she says, should expect “top-notch customer service. Prepare to bring the entire family as you explore the very latest in mobile technology. The kids can plop themselves down on our super comfortable couch and enjoy family-friendly videos while you peruse the very best technology that fits your needs! More than just a cliche, we truly work as part of a team that exudes unit cohesion. This closeness gives us a real sense of family and fun.”

Avoid the long lines, let ClickAway repair your Apple and PC devices and save time and money.

4305-D Clayton Rd. Concord, CA 94501
Phone: (925) 808-7156