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For Store Image – ClickAway Campbell - McGlincy store for computers, computer repair and computer networking + Verizon wireless plans, cell phone and cell phone repair.

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ClickAway Campbell – Verizon Store + Computer Repair + Phone Repair

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Campbell is the kind of town people like to call home. Quiet streets, nice people, who treat each other well. That extends to our store, which we like to think of as your home for the best computer repair, IT services, and Verizon wireless products and services out there. At ClickAway Campbell Computer Repair & Verizon Wireless treat each customer the way they deserve to be treated, and offer them great products at fair prices.

A lot of places say that their teams are family, but in our Campbell store we really like to think that is true. Our employees care about each other, and because they do, they can truly work as a team. And as Campbell’s Store Manager says, “that kind of teamwork helps the customer.” There are no wait times, and his staff pools all knowledge so that you have access to the widest array of services possible. He adds, “we have knowledgeable and honest associates who understand our customers. We know you want the best products, at the best prices, and at your convenience. We want to deliver quality service that exceeds your expectations.”

When you come into Campbell Computer Repair & Verizon Authorized Retailer, you will get the best computer services, IT services, and Verizon products and services. And you won’t be subjected to high-pressure sales or have someone not really answer your question in order to steer you to a more expensive product. We hate when that happens at other stores, and won’t do that to you here. “Our friendly approach by associates- the price the customer has in mind, not the one we do.” We want to get you the Verizon phone or other computer service that suits you best.

So come on down to see us! We’re at 457 East McGlincy Lane, near the corner of Camden and Curtner. If you’re looking for the best Verizon products and services, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service, our doors are open to you!

Avoid the long lines, let ClickAway repair your Apple and PC devices and save time and money.

ClickAway Computer Campbell + Verizon Authorized Retailer
457 E McGlincy Ln Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: (408) 626-9400