Server Upgrades

Moving Ahead of the Curve

There’s an old saying that you should “Dance with the one that brung ya.” That sense of loyalty and dedication may be appealing, but unfortunately it doesn’t really make sense when dealing with technology. Upgrading your systems when needed is the only way to get ahead. It’s fun to think of the server as being held together by tape and hope, clunking away, but you shouldn’t get nostalgic about business technology (just video games). When it comes to server upgrades, you want help from the experts at ClickAway.

Server Upgrades

Starting as low as $299, our server upgrades help keep your system up to date and on track to keep moving ahead. We work within your needs and never try to offer something that you don’t need. Paying too much for wasted capacity is just as detrimental as using an outdated server. We try to anticipate where your business is going, help you prepare, and help you get there.

Server Migration

Of course, when you upgrade, you need your data moved expertly, quickly, and professionally. You can’t afford to lose data or time and our experts can get this done starting at $129 an hour. Final prices take into account:

  • Exchange
  • Number of users
  • Amount of data
  • Number of databases that need to be moved

Don’t let an old and faulty server hold you back. The technology is there to let reality match your dreams, and ClickAway can help you get there. Your business is our only business.