Server Installation & Configuration

As low as $499
Our A+ BBB rated techs can install and configure your servers quickly and affordably.

You have a business plan and you are eager to implement it. You know that there’s a niche to be filled and you’re the person to fill it. You understand the market, your clients, and your product. You’ve rented an office and are eager to hire employees, but then suddenly realize you need a server and computers. Simply buying a bunch of laptops isn’t going to work. Your data and your employees need to be connected, to be secure, and to have a central information hub your entire system can run around. Server installation by ClickAway is the first step toward a great system.

Our server installation packages start as low as $499 for a 5-user system, keeping them connected, online, and able to access their information from anywhere. We work with your business needs and don’t pressure you to buy what you can’t afford or what isn’t right for you. Our business expertise allows us to understand your needs and what you will need moving forward. After all, you didn’t start this business in order to remain stagnant.

Server installation Is Just the Beginning

The right server is the beginning of ClickAway’s comprehensive IT solutions service.  The right server can help get you started with:

  • Network administration
  • Managed services
  • Remote access
  • Virtual private networks (VPNs)

Every Bay Area business started somewhere. Yours starts with an idea, but without the right IT infrastructure, it won’t flourish. Let our expert server installation help get you on the path to success. At ClickAway, your business is our only business.