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As low as $129hr
Get secure encrypted remote access to your network for your company and its employees.

At one point, the idea of working “remotely” meant taking the day off. Sure, you brought some files home, but they mostly served as a coaster. If you were traveling for business, you could check in by phone, but what you had with you was all that you had. That’s no longer the case. Even though the Bay Area is the heart of ongoing debate about remote workers, no one denies it is becoming an important, even intrinsic, part of our economy. From employees working from home to virtual offices around the globe sharing information and interacting in real-time, remote access to your system is a must. That means security has to go hand-in-hand. ClickAway’s remote access and VPN (virtual private network) services offer both.

Starting at just $129 an hour, ClickAway’s remote access and VPN services help your employees securely plug into your system no matter where in the world they are, with a 256-bit encrypted remote access. Your system contains your most important data, which can be a double-edged sword between access and safety. But with ClickAway, it’s possible to have both.

Encrypted Remote Access and VPN Services Include:

  • Site analysis
  • Hardware and licensing recommendations and purchase
  • Implementation and configuration of multiple sites
  • Implementation of VPN file sharing and Windows Remote Desktop
  • PC Anywhere or Remote VNC

Don’t be left behind. Don’t miss out on great business opportunities because your employees aren’t able to access information when they aren’t in the office. ClickAway’s remote access and VPN services help get you the access you require with the security you need. You know your business and we know how to make it work for you.

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