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Award Winning Technical Service – We Handle Your Computer Network Administration

Managing a network is a big job. You have to set up employees with passwords and access without giving them the ability to take down the system accidentally. Then, you have to make sure all the calendars are synced so that people are on the same page. Similarly, you have to guarantee the ability to access the network when they need to but not when they shouldn’t. Above all, there are a million little paper cuts involved with it. As a Bay Area/Northern California business, these are paper cuts you don’t want to waste time on. That’s where ClickAway’s computer network administration comes in.

Our experts offer network administration services and extremely competitive prices that allow you to focus on the other aspects of your business. We work within your framework to integrate smoothly and seamlessly with what your business is trying to accomplish. We handle the network staff and the computer network. In addition, if you need extra services such as cabling, we can handle that too.

Computer Network Admin Services Include:

  • Setting up user accounts and permissions
  • Email administration, including account setup and quotas
  • Forwarding
  • Calendars
  • Syncing with PDAs
  • Security updates, including anti-spam and antivirus updates
  • Installation and configuration of backup systems and software
  • Setting up printers and other peripherals
  • Maintaining current peripherals
  • Network profile and system documentation

Passwords, Servers, and Everything You Don’t Want to Think About

Network administration is about doing a thousand different things that aid the core of your business but might fall outside your primary competency. For example, you wouldn’t waste time polishing the floors or catering your own business meals. Why waste time on something else you aren’t an expert in? At ClickAway, our network administration services allow you to run your business. Your success is our business.