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  • Local Backup Solutions
  • Cloud Backup Solutions
  • Server Backup Solutions
  • Business Backup Consulting
  • Local Storage Solutions
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Server Storage Solutions
  • Business Storage Consulting
  • Transfer data from your old drive or your old Mac or PC
  • Transfer files from Phone to PC
  • Transfer files from Phone to Phone
  • Server Migration
  • Hard drive replacement & upgrades
  • Website Migration
Data recovery services at ClickAway

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Data Recovery Service

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Those family photos and digital memories, that novel you were working on, or the proposal for your most important client appear to be gone forever. We know that a opens in a new windowcrashed hard drive can be devastating to your personal and work life. Therefore, ClickAway works quickly to recover your priceless data and lost files. We want you to get back to work or share those memorable images with your family and friends as quickly as possible.

Data recovery is not a “do it yourself” project. Before you invest time and money in software programs that claim to recover data, you need to know that this is a complex undertaking best left to the experts. For instance, our experienced data recovery specialists use specific tools and have extensive knowledge to recover the missing data from your hard drive.

You can’t put a price tag on the value of family photos or important contracts, but we can help you get them back for as low as $29. A final estimate can be provided once we determine the scope of the project and the reason for the data loss. Recovery depends on many factors. We can determine the best solution to get your information back where it belongs.

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Data Management - Data Recovery Services:

  • Determine the reason for the data loss and how much data we can recover. We have a high rate of success, but there are some cases where all data may not be recovered.
  • Get back lost files from your Mac or PC laptop, desktop, tablet, phone or other external hard drives due to damage caused by electrical or physical damage to a hard drive, or other factors such as viruses or malware.
  • Recover missing or corrupted individual files from your computer.
  • Repair your computer, or help you obtain and set up a new one.
  • Advise you on ways to backup your data safely so in the event of a future crash, your information is protected.
  • Transfer files from just about any device to any device.
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Data Backup

If your computer crashed today, would you be prepared? 

Get peace of mind today with our data backup services! One-time backup: up to 2GB, includes personal flash drive – only $79 in-store.

We can set your computer up to do ongoing scheduled backups. This service includes a 500 GB external hard drive and labor – only $199 in-home or in-office!

Don’t delay – call the store nearest you today!

*Nominal convenience fee applies for locations outside the basic 3 mile service area.

Data Storage

We can help you store all your sensitive data on CDs, HDs, Flash drives and more.

Need more space? We’ll help you evaluate different data storage options to choose the solution best suited to your specific needs.

Data Storage Options Include:

  • Cloud storage
  • Flash drives
  • Hard drives

Contact your ClickAway service technician for more details and to learn more about which storage solution is best for you and your company.

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Drive Replacement & Data Transfer

Don’t lose your old files, let our data migration experts help you migrate your data to your new computer or storage device.

ClickAway is not just an authorized reseller for Dell, Lenovo, HP and more, we can also transfer your files from your old computer to your new one for one low price! Starting at $69 for the first 4GB!  We will also help you upgrade, replace, or add a secondary storage device to your laptop or desktop computer.

File Cloning

Clone old hard drive files exactly where you need them to be, keeping programs and data intact: Don’t worry!  Even when we replace a failing hard drive, we can usually clone its contents to a new one.  No confusion, no missing files, no disruption!  Just $99 in-store!

Smartphone Services

Thinking about getting a new smartphone? We can help! We have been helping consumers and business professionals into new handheld devices for years!  Just $49 for the first hour!