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ClickAway data migration experts transfer your data to your new computer, storage device or server. Don’t lose your files!

ClickAway’s data migration service can ensure seemless data transfer from phones, computers and servers. We have more than 16 years experience with both PC and Apple brands and have server specialists. Starting at $69 for the first 4GB, our prices are low and our service is top. Data transfer is a risky but essential part of most change programs.  Ensure your success with ClickAway’s experienced data specialists. Whether your data is in the cloud, on a hard drive or stored off-site, we will ensure your data is safely moved to your new devices.

File Cloning

Clone old hard drive files exactly where you need them to be, keeping programs and data intact: Don’t worry!  Even when we replace a failing hard drive, we can usually clone its contents to a new one.  No confusion, no missing files, no disruption!  Just $99 in-store!

Smartphone Services

Thinking about getting a new smartphone? We have been helping consumers and business professionals into new handheld devices for years!  Just $49 for the first hour, that’s an offer you don’t get at retailers. See how ClickAway can save you more.