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Computer System Rebuild Includes:

  • Reinstall operating system
  • Install and update all devices drivers
  • Run all Microsoft security updates and patches
  • OS Installation $99

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system_rebuildOur system rebuilds are a great option for customers who don’t have the knowledge or time to rebuild their own systems. You can count on the expertise of ClickAway technicians to get the job done quickly and provide a high level of service for our customers in the Bay Area and Northern California.
We become very comfortable with our devices and sometimes we really hate to give them up, even when they are performing poorly. You like the keyboard on your laptop or the screen is comfortable for your eyes, but the inner workings of your old friend are getting a bit tired. Perhaps you can’t afford to purchase a brand new product. Some people are concerned about throwing away devices and adding to the landfill when they can have their Mac or PC laptops, desktops, and mobile devices rebuilt for many more years of use.

A Computer System Rebuild Includes:

  • Reinstallation of the operating system, download and installation of current drivers, and critical updates and installation of two additional software applications.
  • We rebuild Mobile Devices: iOS, Android, or Windows Phone starting at $99.
  • We rebuild Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and any Mac OS starting at $149.
  • Restore your computer’s functionality with enhanced performance.
  • Add more features, such as spyware removers or pop-up blockers.
  • Your device will come back to you with a new mind and clean body.
  • System rebuilds are performed in-store only.
  • Customers must provide licensed copies of their software.

Why invest in a new computer when you can have the old one rebuilt at a fraction of the cost? Our expert team of specialists at ClickAway have many ways to help you save money. A system build is one smart way to keep your computer in top condition.