MacBook Pro Retina Screen Coating Repair Cost

Affordable MacBook Pro Retina Screen Coating Repair Cost

What is Staingate?

Taking a closer look, Staingate is the term used to describe the issue that is causing MacBook Pro owners with Retina displays to wear off or peel, leaving what looks like large, ugly and obstructive stains across the screen.

Apple said Retina display laptops with the issue include models of the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro and the discontinued 12-inch MacBooks released between early 2015 and 2017. MacBook Air models with Retina displays may have issues with their anti-reflective coating too, causing the laptop’s screen to look blotchy.

The anti-reflective coating, used to help cut out glare and make the display easier to see, is prone to wearing off due to pressure from the laptop’s keys and trackpad or the use of cleaning solutions, according to MacRumors.

According to those affected, the issue can begin as soon as seven months after the MacBook is purchased. "There is no clear pattern as to how it starts: some experience it in small spots around the edge, on other screens it appears in the middle as large patches."

MacBook Pro Retina Screen Coating Repair Cost

At ClickAway, MacBook Pro retina screen coating repair cost is $99. Depending on the model of your MacBook Pro, the repair of the anti-reflective coating at other places will cost between $500 and $800. The high price of their repairs is due to the fact that they have to replace the whole screen. If you have a current Apple Care plan then it's not an issue but if your device is out of warranty you may have to pay in full. The MacBook experts at ClickAway know how to re-coat the display and prevent it from happening again.

Just drop it off to us and we’ll repair it right away. We even have loaners available should you need a spare. Our technicians are well experienced with MacBook Pro retina screen repairs of all types. Just make an appointment online or stop in. Our repair experts at ClickAway have been diagnosing and fixing laptops since 2002.  We will diagnose what's wrong for free and then make all necessary repairs or upgrades after discussing the options with you.

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