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Your MacBook Pro is a highly functional Mac machine with a lot of intricate parts that all work together to keep it operational. The more moving parts a machine has, the more potential there exists for these parts to generate heat. There are multiple reasons to answer “why does my MacBook get so hot?” It’s normal for your Mac to be slightly warm during normal operation. There is a big difference between warm and hot when it comes to a computer. If your MacBook Pro is running hot, you should probably take some time to figure out why this might be or call a ClickAway Mac Repair technician.

There are some quick things to cool your Mac down and also some warning signs that might indicate it’s close to upgrade time. A hot computer can lead to some short-term and/or long-term problems with your device. It can cause damage with the hardware. Important pieces like your hard drive and CPU can become damaged when exposed to constant overheating and this can cause them to operate poorly and possibly fail over time. Similar to other expensive machines, like your car, you don’t want it running hot for long.

If critical pieces of hardware become damaged, this can lead to poor performance. Excessive overheating of your MacBook Pro can cause it to run really slowly, freeze up all of the time, and generally not operate like it is supposed too. A really hot Mac can also shut down automatically and this can lead to potential data loss if you don’t have things saved when your Mac attempts to protect itself.

Possible reasons – why does my MacBook get so hot?

  1. Age. One initial consideration to note is the age of your Mac. The older a Mac gets, the harder its fans have to work to keep everything cool. If age is the reason for overheating, you might have to get a new machine at some point in the near future. opens in a new windowClickAway offers great pricing on new Macs and can transfer data and do the setup for you. Ask us for a quote.
  2. Demanding and Runaway Apps. If you’ve had your Mac for a while, chances are you have a bunch of different apps installed on it. Usually this is no problem, but if you have apps installed that are very demanding of CPU or maybe a third-party app that is stuck in a loop, it can cause your computer to heat up quickly.
  3. Soft Surfaces. I know it’s in the name of the Mac, but just because it’s called a laptop doesn’t mean a lap is the best place to keep your MacBook Pro. Soft surfaces like a bed, a blanket, or even carpet on the floor may be comfortable but they also can cause your Mac to heat up. This is basically due to the fact that there is poor air circulation when you place your computer on a softer surface and it needs proper airflow to help it keep cool. If you run several of these demanding apps at once or have multiple apps open without knowing it, your Mac can heat up in a hurry.
  4. It Might Be Dirty. Your MacBook has vents, covers, and other openings from the outside to the interior that can get dirty and lead to overheating. ClickAway provides a cleaning and tuneup service to help resolve “why does my MacBook get so hot.
Why does my MacBook get so hot
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ClickAway professional technicians offer top MacBook Repair in San Jose, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Santa Cruz, Watsonville and surrounding Bay Area cities. Whether you work on a MacBook, edit video on an iMac, talk on an iPhone, you are a big fan of Apple’s style, ingenuity, and intuitive user interface. While some tech scribes might think Apple to be infallible, those of us who use it know that a great design doesn’t render it unbreakable. When one of your Mac devices needs help, visit the Apple Computer Repair Store at ClickAway.

Mac repair

Apple doesn’t take things lightly and neither do we. Thus, we have experienced Mac repair technicians on staff at every location to make sure we accurately diagnose and fix your problems. Our Apple MacBook repair prices are $99 an hour, which includes a free one-hour diagnostic. You’re entitled to know what is wrong with your favorite device and our professional technicians will walk you through the issues. Repair options will be fully understood.

With an Apple computer repair appointment we provide on-site service and can make a visit to your home or office too. For low onsite MacBook repair costs, ClickAway provides the convenience you need if you aren’t able to stop in. We can even arrange a free pick up or delivery. A desktop can be a hard thing to bring around sometimes. So we can come to you, making the process even easier. Some of our Apple desktop and Apple MacBook repair  opens in a new windowservices include:

Mac Repair Includes:

Apple Computer Repair & Upgrades

Where to get your iMac or MacBook fixed and how much it will cost? Ask for a free quote today. This also goes for water damage to your MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini or other Apple products.

How do I get my Apple computer fixed?

To get service for your Mac, you can make a reservation at ClickAway, either in store or we can come to your home or office. Before you pay a dime, we do a free diagnosis to identify the problem and then give you a cost estimate on getting it fixed. Depending on what the issue is, you might be able to get it back the same day. If the repair is more involved, we can offer you a loaner device to use.

How much will it cost?

If your issue isn't covered under warranty, we will give you a price that most likely beats everyone. Most warranties do not cover excessive physical damage, including catastrophic damage due to liquid contact or submersion, or damage caused by the presence of hazardous materials.

Battery service

If you're experiencing an issue with your battery, your Apple MacBook might not require a repair. Your Apple battery service might be covered by warranty. If not, ClickAway provides the lowest prices for out-of-warranty battery service.

If you're looking for other Apple Repair services, try our iPad Repair page or iPhone Screen Repair. For other tips and advice on using and protecting your Apple computer, follow the ClickAway Blog.

Video only has sound of pony hitting laptop.

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Kathy Cleary opens in a new windowKathy Cleary
I brought in my computer for a diagnostic. My laptop was old and messed up. I was on a time crunch and it was an emergency. James came up with a plan with 3 options at 3 different price levels and I chose the best one for me. I really appreciated the options. When you go to the Apple Store you can get service but you won’t get your laptop back for 7-10 days. This place is fast, affordable, professional, and friendly. I’m proud to support our LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES.
1 month ago
Barry Rhein opens in a new windowBarry Rhein
I have been to lots of IT organizations and ClickAway is by far the best I have ever experienced. Eddy and Sam are amazing! Their service is flawless and their knowledge extremely helpful. Thanks ClickAway!
2 months ago
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Jessie did a wonderful job with setting up 2 laptops I purchased. Also a great place to take your feisty, none working pc's, laptops. Thank you!! 😊
3 months ago
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The IT staff member who assisted me with my computer in need of repair was knowledgeable, professional, and communicated well. Excellent service!!!!!
1 month ago