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We know that when your computer, desktop or laptop breaks you need quick and easy computer repair, and you need experts that are affordable, convenient and reliable.

Frequent Computer Problems

My computer is making a weird noise. Why is that? A lot of noise coming from your computer is generally a sign of either hardware malfunction or a noisy fan. Hard drives often make noise just before they fail, so you may want to back up information just in case, and fans are very easy to replace. Call us at 800.960.9030. make-appointment
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Why is my computer slow? You can often fix the problem simply by cleaning the hard disk of unwanted files. You can also install a firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware tools, and schedule regular registry scans. External hard drives are great storage solutions for overtaxed CPU’s, and will help your computer run faster. Call us at 800.960.9030.make-appointment

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Why is my computer screen blank even though it’s turned on? There may be an issue with the connection between the computer and the screen. First, check to see if the monitor is plugged into a power point and that the connection between the monitor and computer hard drive is secure. If the problem is on a laptop, then you may need to get a professional to fix it as some of the internal wires may be worn. Call us at 800.960.9030.make-appointment

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Are you wondering why your computer won’t start? A computer that suddenly shuts off or has difficulty starting up could have a failing power supply. Check that the computer is plugged into the power point properly and, if that doesn’t work, test the power point with another working device to confirm whether or not there is adequate power. Call us at 800.960.9030.

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Why is my computer freezing? When you computer freezes, you may have no other option than to reboot and risk losing any unsaved work. Freezes can be a sign of insufficient ram, registry conflicts, corrupt or missing files, or spyware. Press and hold the power button until the computer turns off, then restart it and get to work cleaning up the system so that it doesn’t freeze again. Call us at 800.960.9030.

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Why are downloads taking so long? You could have a hard drive issue. Perhaps it’s near full or could be damaged. Try uploading or downloading with a wired connection if possible. Sometimes your ISP will be the cause of slow uploads or downloads. With Cable internet the download speed is often much faster than your upload speed. Call us for either computer or network help at 800.960.9030.

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      You use your computer for work, home, email, browsing, chatting, and for much more. When you need a computer repair service, you need it done quickly and properly. ClickAway started as a repair business in 2002. We are the original Bay Area computer repair company and our award winning expertise is reflected in our large, loyal customer base of over 750,000 in the Bay Area.

      Here is what you get when you bring your computer, desktop or laptop for computer repair to ClickAway:

      Free Diagnostics

      The first thing our skilled technicians do is perform a free diagnostic exam to determine exactly what is wrong with your computer, desktop or laptop. Once we have found the root of the problem, our technician will explain what is wrong and provide repair options, including cost and time estimates. If you choose to proceed, they will get started on your computer, desktop or laptop repair right away.

      Expert Service

      One thing you can be assured of with ClickAway, your computer is in good hands. Our trained technicians have experience with all computer brands. We have experience fixing everything from cooling fans, screens, ports, batteries and more. The technician will keep updated on the progress of your device throughout the process. No matter what brand of computer, desktop or laptop you have or repair it needs, you can be assured your repair is being done quickly and professionally.

      Low Price Guarantee

      ClickAway has always offered the lowest price guarantee on all computer, desktop and laptop repairs. If you find a lower published price on the same repair we will match or beat that price. All of our repairs come with a 90 day guarantee so you can rest assured. If you are looking for the most affordable computer repair near me, desktop repair or laptop repair near me, come to ClickAway.

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      ClickAway is proud to be your choice for Northern California’s best computer repair services for individuals and businesses. As such, we offer a wide range of services such as virus removal, data recovery, hard drive replacements and SSD upgrades, computer tune-ups, computer trade-ins and custom builds. For home, personal, and business needs, you can turn to ClickAway's 6 computer repair shops to get expert advice, professional service, and unbeatable prices. opens in a new windowRead how ClickAway technicians get it done right and save you more.

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      Finding the best computer repair near you is easy by bookmarking ClickAway.  Furthermore, our certified technicians know that you or business need solutions, not salesmanship, and you need it fast so our staff is ready to answer any questions you have. We provide free diagnosis before you pay a dime. As a result, you'll know if that old PC is worth the upgrade or it's time for a new device. ClickAway fixes all computer brands including PC repair and Apple repair, in our 6 computer repair locations near you. Because we do repair and setup services in your home or business, we pride ourselves on honesty, dedication, teamwork, and knowledge. From a home office to a growing enterprise, we make sure that you have what you need now, and are ready to face the future.

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      See the many accolades our technicians have earned, and many are consecutive year awards. And you can also read customer reviews from multiple sources by technician such as Ardeshir (Eddy) Zandian.