The rush to get satellite phones to Puerto Rico

Globalstar satellite phones

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Helping Puerto Rico With Satellite Phones With communication in Puerto Rico nearly impossible following the destruction from Hurricane Maria, FEMA, the Red Cross and even ClickAway are shipping satellite phones and other technology to help the devastated island. “We got an urgent call from San Benito Health Foundation in Hollister to assist with obtaining Globalstar Read More »

Smartphone Tips For The Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

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How your phone can enhance your Solar Eclipse viewing parties For about 3 minutes on August 21, you can watch the moon cross in front of the sun and partially block out it’s light from points around California. A map showing the states with total blocking views can be found on the internet. You’ll probably have your cell Read More »

Back to school 1970 vs 2021


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Back to school 1970 vs 2021 comparisons 1970’s Back To School Shopping meant a trip to Sears for back to school clothes the last week of August, Mervyns if you wanted to splurge. We’d each get a new pair of cords and striped t-shirts. Girls would probably get culottes too, boys some jeans. Mom would Read More »

5 ways to improve your smartphone photography

smartphone photography tips

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Here’s how you can improve your smartphone photography.  Check out these tips to get the best images you can get from your phone. But remember, even with the latest tech, phones aren’t as versatile imaging tools as modern interchangeable lens cameras. Smartphone Photography | Starts With A Good Camera Phone You really can’t go wrong Read More »