Look who’s the best for computer repair 2022

best for computer repair 2022

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For the 11th year, ClickAway has been voted best for computer repair 2022 by readers of the San Jose Mercury News. The announcement marks ClickAway’s continued placement in the Hall of Fame category by the newspaper group. The voting results highlight the best businesses in the region.  “It’s an honor for customers to salute their favorite Read More »

Why would you need to rent a laptop?

where to rent a laptop

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There are lots of situations where individuals and businesses might need to rent a laptop. Or perhaps you need to rent a projector, scanner, printer or some other technology. We rely heavily on technology these days, whether it’s for a new or expanding business, a student, a gamer, working from home or for personal use. Read More »

Is your cloud backup enough 2022?

cloud data backup can help after a fire

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Preventing data loss requires a good cloud backup strategy. Many large data loss stories have nothing to do with hackers and subsequent data breeches. Even personal data loss stories have simple beginnings. Cloud Backup and recovery is essential. People often learn this only after their data is lost for good. Avoid these common data losses | Read More »

How To Best Survive A Personal Data Breach

how to best survive a personal data breach

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A data breach or data compromise is commonplace these days unfortunately. Avoiding a data thief isn’t always possible. Sometimes we feel storing yet another unique password is going to put us over the edge. So, we reuse one we can easily remember. Or we open that unknown email. We’ve shared ideas on preventing stolen data before. Now, let’s discuss how to best survive if your information has been compromised.