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In San Francisco and the Bay Area, Apple is the local giant, making even Google seem small by comparison. Not everyone owns an Apple product, but it seems like it. Whether you work on a Macintosh, create music on an iPad, talk on an iPhone, or still listen to an iPod, you are a big fan of Apple’s style, ingenuity, and intuitive user interface. While some tech scribes might think Apple to be infallible, those of us who use it know that a great design doesn’t render it unbreakable. When one of your Apple devices needs help, the Apple iPhone repair experts at ClickAway are here to help.

Certified Apple Technicians

Apple doesn’t take things lightly and neither do we. We have certified Apple technicians on our staff at every location to make sure we accurately diagnose and fix your problems. Our services start at the low price of $49 an hour, which includes a free one-hour diagnostic. You’re entitled to know what is wrong with your favorite device and our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will walk you through the issues.

We provide on-site service and can make a visit to your home or office for as low as $29, providing you with the convenience you need if you aren’t able to travel.
Some of our Apple iPhone repair services include:

We know you have high expectations for your Apple iPhone. After all, it’s almost part of our cultural heritage. If something goes wrong with your Apple product, or if you just want to upgrade it or install backup plans, you can come to the experts at ClickAway to help you make sure your Apple is in top form.