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carbonite cloud backup

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Backup your precious digital memories with Carbonite

Backup of your files

Carbonite Safe® provides backup of files and recovery for individuals and small businesses.

Protect critical business data

Carbonite offers end-to-end data protection strategies that fit the needs of your complex environment.

Carbonite Safe® is one of the world's most popular backup services on the cloud, and for good reason. All their plans are unlimited and come with a lot of features. It provides automatic and continuous backup of your computer files, making it an ideal choice for individuals and small businesses without servers. Like all cloud backup services, The product does a large initial backup and then automatically and continuously keeps your new and changed data backed up.

We know that selecting a trusted backup service can be tough. Carbonite, however, is one of those services we find very easy to use. Regardless of your computer skills, you will have no difficulties using this product. And we're here if you do. It lets you backup all your important files without charging you and arm and a leg.

What We Like About Carbonite

  1. We like the range of plans. It has three different plans, all of which are reasonably priced considering you're allowed to backup an unlimited amount.
  2. Instead of having to browse through the program to pick which folders and files you want to back up, you just locate them on your computer like you'd do normally. Just right-clicking them and choose to add them to your backup plan.
  3. Files that are already backed up are easily identifiable, as are ones that aren't being backed up, by a small colored dot on the file's icon.
  4. Something else I appreciated with Carbonite is just how simple restoring your data is to do. For obvious reasons, I think restore should be as easy as possible and Carbonite definitely makes it a breeze.

    To restore files, just browse through them online, backed up files directly through the program as if they still existed on your computer, even if you've deleted them. Because you get 30 days of file versioning, Carbonite makes it simple to restore a specific version of a file from a different time or day.
  • Protect your files from accidental deletions, crashes, ransomware, viruses and other common threats.
  • Easily recover lost files and folders.
  • Access your data even when you’re not at your computer.
  • Count on our award-winning customer support, available 7 days/week via phone, chat or email.

According to Tech Radar, Carbonite has its strengths and its weaknesses, just like every other cloud storage solution out there. They recommend it for users who are after a simple cloud backup package for a single computer, one that they can just set up and then forget about afterwards.

Ask ClickAway how we can help protect your personal and business data from common forms of data loss. More than 1 million customers trust Carbonite with their important data. This includes personal cloud backup, cloud backup for small business and data protection.