Windows 10 error when trying to print?

windows 10 error

If you’ve encountered a recent blue screen of death after updating your Windows 10, it’s not you but a Windows 10 error bug in the update. According to Microsoft, there is an issue with the most recent Windows 10 update causing the blue screen when attempting to print documents on certain printers. Reports vary but seem to include Kyocera, Ricoh and Zebra printers. The Windows 10 error resides in these versions:

  • Windows 10 version 1803 — KB5000809 (OS Build 17134.2087)
  • Windows 10 version 1809 — KB5000822 (OS Build 17763.1817)
  • Windows 10 version 1909 — KB5000808 (OS Build 18363.1440)
  • Windows 10 version 2004 and 20H2 — KB5000802 (OS Builds 19041.867 and 19042.867).

Windows 10 error after update – So now what?

While Microsoft is working on a fix, we recommend you uninstall the update if you have seen the Windows 10 error while trying to print. If you have other issues with your PC, ClickAway is happy to give you a free diagnostic.

To uninstall updates:

  1. Open the Settings menu. 
  2. Click Update & security.
  3. Click Windows Update > View update history.
  4. On the next screen, click Uninstall updates.
  5. This will pull up a list of recent updates. Use the search box at the top right corner of the screen to look for the problematic updates.
  6. Once you find them, select the update you want to uninstall and click the Uninstall button.

How to check your Windows version

If you’ve seen the blue screen of death or you suspect a Windows 10 error, you may want to check which version of the operating system you have installed. Windows versions 1909, 2004 and 20H2 are pinpointed as the cause of this latest problem. Check which Windows 10 version you have:

  1. Select the Start button > Settings > System > About.
  2. Under Device specifications > System type, see if you’re running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.
  3. Under Windows specifications > check which edition and version of Windows your device is running.
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5 smart Windows 10 tricks to save time and space

Microsoft says more than 1 billion devices are running Windows 10. Nearly six years after its release, we think there are a ton of hidden tricks and features you’re not using. If you want to speed up your startup process, find missing files, or quickly close everything but the program you’re using here are some pro tips. 

The keyboard trick to scroll quickly

Scrolling is easy when you have a fancy mouse with a scroll wheel. If yours is acting up or you have a plain jane mouse, use your keyboard.

>Press the spacebar with your browser open to move down the page. Want to scroll back up? Hold the Shift key and tap the spacebar again. You can use this trick in any major browser. If you’re having trouble, click on the background of whichever page you’re on and try again. You may have inadvertently selected text or another element.

Access your secret Start menu

The regular Windows Start menu is just a click away. Hit the Windows icon in the bottom left of your screen, and you’re good to go. It reveals a layout of your most-used programs, as well as power options and shortcuts to your computer’s settings.

But have you heard of the secret Start menu? Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and tap on the letter X. This takes you to an advanced menu with Device Manager, Task Manager, and Disk Management options. It’s a clean, easy way to see even more settings without all your programs clogging things up. You can also right click on the windows icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Kick out the clutter with the Disk Cleanup tool

With a new computer, we all start super organized. You delete files you don’t need, you file the ones you do want in the proper folders, and you remember to clear your desktop. If you’re past the “new” stage and your PC is bloated with things you don’t need, try Disk Cleanup to make more space.

First, go to the bottom left of your screen. Tap on the magnifying glass icon and enter “Disk Cleanup” into the taskbar where it says, “Type here to search.” If you don’t have the magnifying glass icon, click the Start button and start typing.

Next, click on the Disk Cleanup app. You’ll see a drop-down menu that lets you select the drive you want to clean up. From here, you can free up space by deleting things like downloaded program files, temporary (cached) internet files, Windows error reports, recycle bin contents, and more.

Zoom in or out with two quick keystrokes

Do you ever wish a webpage was just a little bigger? Or maybe you’re staring at a wall of tiny text. You don’t have to squint. Quickly zoom in on a page by hitting Ctrl and the + button. To shrink back down, hit Ctrl and to zoom out. Go a step further and zoom in on your entire screen by hitting the Windows key and the + key. This opens the Windows Magnifier tool.

Take a screenshot

When it comes to taking a screenshot, there are a ton of options. Here are some of the most useful.

If you only want to capture a single part of the screen, hit the Windows keyShift, and then S to open Snip & Sketch. Drag the cursor over the area you want to screenshot. It is then added to your clipboard. The image will pop up in the bottom right corner. If you don’t catch it in time, click the notification icon to the far right in your taskbar. You should see your snipped image there. Click it to save.

To capture your entire screen, hit the Windows key and the Print Screen key. Open the Photos app to see your screenshot.

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