How to get a better WIFI connection

The WIFI extender, WIFI 6 & more. Can we get it right in 2021?

More than ever, we depend on WIFI for work, school, and fun. Finally, WIFI smart improvements are here

We can’t underestimate the value of a good WIFI connection. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to work from home, binge-watch Outlander, kill all the hidden enemies on PUBG, learn remotely and socialize with faraway friends and family on a screen. When everyone in the household is vying for access to the same WIFI signal, we suffer. Thankfully, WIFI technology keeps getting more efficient and affordable. Let’s discuss today’s WIFI extenders and internet routers with the more advanced WIFI 6 standard.

Is it time to upgrade? What will WIFI 6 do for me?

New WIFI technologies help mitigate the issues of putting dozens of WIFI devices on a single network. WIFI 6 focuses on efficiency rather than speed by sharing bandwidth across these devices. Let’s say your household owns smartphones, several laptops, gaming devices, smart speakers, and other connected gadgets. They are all consuming heavy amounts of WIFI resources. 

WIFI 6 does a better job providing bandwidth to all the devices simultaneously as opposed to letting one device hog most of it. That means faster download speeds, less buffering, and smoother gameplay while everyone else in your house continues online.

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What new products should we consider: WIFI router, extender, internet safety?

On average, the number of internet-connected devices owned per person is expected to climb to about four by 2023, up from two in 2018, according to Cisco. Now may be the right time to consider an upgrade or two. A mesh internet booster and the latest router features can help upgrade your network.

  •  A mesh WIFI booster will blanket homes in WIFI, removing everyday internet speed bumps with greater ease. Because your WIFI issues have more to do with dead spots than pokey speeds, a mesh extender will employ multiple devices. Generally, there’s a central hub, and a few “satellites” placed in different rooms that link together. This results in spreading WIFI signals throughout your home.
  • A new router, rather than the one that came with your service provider, will most likely be compatible with the WIFI 6 standard, also known as 802.11ax, that was introduced in 2019. The new models are finally becoming commonplace and affordable. 

What can today’s more innovative routers do?

Modern WIFI routers are equal parts general-use routers, serious gaming gear, and cybersecurity safeguards. These are some of the newest features.

  1. Two frequency bands enabled with new routers determine which of your devices moves to the head of the WIFI line. That’s an excellent way to ensure your work laptop gets first-class treatment instead of a junior’s gaming console. 
  2. Security alerts and solid parental controls keep children safe onine. Alerts are triggered when the WIFI signals floating through your home detect unexpected motion.
  3. Integrate limited versions of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant in some new routers. To share your WIFI password with guests, you just have to ask Alexa or Google. They can also run speed tests or reboot when something goes awry via voice command.

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