Why would you need to rent a laptop?

where to rent a laptop

There are lots of situations where individuals and businesses might need to rent a laptop. Or perhaps you need to rent a projector, scanner, printer or some other technology. We rely heavily on technology these days, whether it’s for a new or expanding business, a student, a gamer, working from home or for personal use. A disruption to computer access is just not acceptable.

Rent a Laptop – Short and Long Term

In this blog, we will look at some of the reasons where finding a laptop rental near me could get you or your business out of hot water.

  1. Your computer is being repaired and your need a temporary backup
  2. A student needs a new, different, additional laptop for a short or longer term
  3. Business is setting up a temporary office. Maybe it’s a precursor to a permanent setup while waiting for premises. Or it could be for a short period for a specific event or season. If you are setting up temporary business premises, finding a laptop rental near me provides you with an ideal short-term solution.
  4. Hiring Temporary Employees. Another common reason to rent a laptop rather than buying one is if your business is taking on a number of temporary employees for a short period. Buying computers for this purpose could be costly. Further, you want to avoid a computer lying dormant once the employee contract comes to an end.
  5. Starting a Business. Many people who start a new business decide to rent a laptop rather than buying one. Startup funds can be very limited, and you may not have available cash to purchase the desired laptops or desktops with restricted financial reserves. For this reason, many rent a MacBook or rent a PC to get the ball rolling with less upfront costs. 
  6. Try out the latest gaming technology. It’s not easy to get the latest and greatest gaming computers without spending thousands of dollars up front. When you rent gaming laptop or desktop, you get the latest industry hardware with the top-tier performance that competition demands. And you get it for a fraction of the price. Of course, ClickAway is happy to make arrangements to rent to own a gaming laptop from us. Contact us for a custom quote.
  7. Working out your computer needs. Renting computers for personal or business is also a great way to figure out what you really need and like before you invest large sums of money on technology. If you are unsure as to the best computer for the job, taking a chance and buying something you think might be right may not pay off. You are then stuck with an unsuitable computer. By renting, at least for a while, you can work out which systems are right for your business or individual job. Too bad cell phone companies don’t do this with expensive iPhones, right?

How much is it to rent a laptop or desktop?

The range of pricing for a laptop rental can be as little as $29 for a day, $49 for a week or monthly for $169. The cost to rent a MacBook starts from $79. At our rental shop, your laptop rental is pre-loaded with everything you need, from Microsoft Office to 3rd party applications. Do you need something specific installed? ClickAway is happy to provide custom computer rental services to individuals and small business. See our Diamond Certified reviews for the past 18 years.