Coronavirus and WFH in 2022

WFH on a laptop

Tools needed for a good WFH office

You have your sweatpants on, hand sanitizer ready and snacking your way through emergency rations. You’ve officially joined the ranks of the newly remote workers. But do you have the tools needed for a good home office?

Some of our home office recommendations require a significant amount of resources. If you have it, great. Better yet, see if your company will reimburse you for these costs. Most of us need a decent Wi-Fi connection, above all. We also need a computer that meets our needs and a reliable cell phone. ClickAway makes house calls and can help you set up a home office that works well.

Working from home in the 1960s

Working from home tips

  • Build a permanent work space. We recommend natural lighting to increase comfort. Likewise, some of our clients prefer standing desks. Others are happy with an ergonomic chair.
  • High speed internet. The first thing remote workers need is a good, fast internet connection. High speed internet access helps with remote collaboration, desktop sharing, telemeetings, and robust cloud software use such as Adobe Creative Cloud. ClickAway can help check and find options for greater home internet speeds.
  • Computer that meets your needs. Consider a docked laptop. Why? Laptops are great for trains, planes, Starbucks, couches and conference rooms. However, it’s much easier to work with a full-sized monitor or two and external keyboard. Other things to consider is extra storage, especially if you work in photography or design. 
  • Secure network router. Employees connecting to the office through their home Wi-Fi need to ensure that they have a strong password. We also recommend you avoid using public or unsecured networks. Refresh your passwords into something stronger and turn on multi-factor authentication if you haven’t already.
  • Surge protector. Power surges happen every day. Over time, they’ll grind your perfect home office setup to a halt. Stop them in their tracks with a good surge protector from ClickAway or elsewhere.
  • Video Chat. Make sure you know how to set up and use webcams or your computer’s camera. Video chat is a good stand-in for in-person meetings. ClickAway can provide set up and instruction in your home office.
  • Follow home electronic hygiene. At-home workers need to be more mindful of their online hygiene. For employees, that means being more wary of clicking on suspicious links, especially those related to coronavirus. Attackers are banking that fear will better prompt victims to click without thinking. Experts warn that domains related to coronavirus are 50% more likely to be malicious.
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