Hush – A Beginner’s Guide To Silent Disco Events

Silent DiscoHush, it’s time to dance, or get married, or go bowling….We love how technology designed to solve one problem launches an industry to entertain another. Two years ago we saw the silent disco catch on with the widespread use of wireless headphones. They may have been invented to cancel out the noise of loud people on airplanes, but the technology has evolved into a new club experience that doesn’t seem to be waining.

Silent Disco Invented in 2011

The term “silent disco” was added to the dictionary in 2011 with the meaning: “an event at which people dance to music that is transmitted through wireless headphones rather than played over a speaker system.”  Technology today has progressed massively and the typical silent disco event has up to three different DJ’s spinning simultaneously on their own channels. The events don’t use speakers, not even for the DJ’s. Therefore, hosting them in public parks and spaces is possible without special permits or even permissions in most cases.

In the midst of intense festival atmospheres, silent disco headphones offer a pleasant getaway for those not wanting to vibe at the main stage. When you arrive at your venue, you simply don a pair of wireless headphones, typically rented by the host. You can adjust the volume and choose between a few different channels with a flip of a switch. Headphones arrive fully charged and will last about 10 hours at maximum volume before needing to be recharged. Transmitters have a radius range of 300-500 meters.

Silent Disco Benefits

  • Different types of music offered simultaneously
  • All ages
  • Ability to play the music loud or soft, whatever each user prefers
  • Easier to talk to friends and make new ones
  • Less electricity used
  • Less noise pollution
  • Held at unique venues, and a chance to get out of the nightclub atmosphere

HUSHConcerts Rentals

HUSHconcerts owns thousands of cutting edge multi-channel rechargeable wireless silent disco headphones. Their stock is well maintained and sanitized by the most experienced tech staff in the field. You can hire their professional event staff to produce an event for you. Alternatively, smaller event organizers can rent the headphones directly. The setup process is easy.

So, try Googling the words “silent disco” and find dozens of event companies either renting and/or setting up custom parties that utilize wireless headphones. ClickAway saw them in full swing at BottleRock in Napa a few weeks ago. In conclusion, with summer comes a flood of invitations for more hush hush events. We suggest using a few search terms to find silent events in your area:  Silent disco, silent yoga, silent festival, silent bowling, silent concert, silent Party/Events.

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