Virus Removal and Your Small Business: Staying Safe from Threats

virus removal and your small businessVirus removal and your small business is a little like the movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. There, mankind was threatened not just by the titular apes, nor from an outbreak of repeating prepositional phrases, but by a simple virus. The “simian flu” wiped out most of mankind, allowing the hyper-intelligent apes to flourish and take over the world – especially the Bay Area. As has become de rigeur over the last couple of years, the movie was filled with scenes of broken bridges, collapsed monuments, and weeds growing out of what was, of late, the San Francisco metropolis. All because of a virus.

This might seem far-fetched, but Bay Area business owners know that a virus can be extremely damaging to their business. Computer viruses can infiltrate a system, steal information, lock down a process, and compromise the workings of an entire small business. It might not be the end of the world for everyone, but when your life’s work is on the line, it can certainly seem like it. To avoid a personal apocalypse, you need to work with a company that can detect, understand, and help immediately. Virus removal and your small business is at stake.

Virus Removal and Your Small Business |Signs You Might Have A Computer Virus

It’s easy to think that your computer has a virus. It starts to work slowly, it takes a while to boot up, it keeps freezing. All of those are signs that something might be wrong. However, they also might be signs that you’re reaching the end of your memory, you have too many programs running, you have too much bloatware, or you just have an old computer. It’s a lot like worrying you have the flu (the simian flu?) when really you just had some bad Thai food. It’s not pleasant, but it’s also not the end of the world.

The scary thing about viruses is that they mimic the normal, day-to-day malfunctions of your computer and trick you into thinking that nothing is wrong. That’s why you need to make sure the computers in your business are not bloated and don’t have an excess of software running. If you are otherwise clean and things are still going wrong, then you might be dealing with virus removal and your small business.

Ransomware: A Particularly Dangerous Type of Virus

All viruses are dangerous, but there are a few that you need to know how to deal with properly so you don’t accidentally make things worse. Ransomware is the most common of these, and in many ways the most dangerous. It’s certainly the most annoying and why you need an expert for virus removal and your small business.

Ransomware can be the most frustrating type of virus there is. It is extremely pernicious, because it pops up on your computer, usually due to a password hack, a wrongly-clicked pop-up, or some other backdoor entrance. The ransomware basically says that unless you pay a fee, your system will be destroyed. It’s like a Viking sailing up the Danube, threatening towns with destruction unless they pay a fee.

Of course, if you pay that fee, there is no guarantee that the hacker is just going to go away. Why would they? It isn’t as if you are signing a contract – they are criminals, and you have just shown a willingness to pay. The only solution is to try to remove the virus, but you need to make sure that you have opens in a new windowdata backup and data recovery so that if your system does crash, all is not lost.

Virus removal and your small business

So what can you do? Obviously, the most important thing is to make sure that you don’t catch a virus. In real life, that can mean washing your hands, eating food that helps your immune system, and encasing yourself in a bubble (don’t try this). At work, that means making sure your employees are using intelligent passwords, staying protected if they bring their own device, and always running virus defense software. It also means training your employees in basic security measures and teaching them how to recognize a virus. Many employees are reluctant to admit to computer troubles or think they should be able to troubleshoot on their own, so it’s important that they know to come forward with any suspicions regarding the health of their machine.

If you do get a virus, it is extremely important to bring it to a virus removal expert (or have them come to you). A opens in a new windowvirus removal expert like ClickAway can, among other things:

  • Diagnose and remove viruses, pop-ups, and spyware
  • Check fans, processors, and power supplies to make sure they aren’t the problem
  • Clean the interior to remove other items like dust or hair that might cause trouble
  • Install spyware removal and pop-up blockers

Protecting your business means safeguarding access to your system. It has your proprietary business information, your customer’s data, and your employees’ private info. Losing that, or having it compromised or stolen, can sink your business. Don’t let that happen. Be safe, be vigilant, and be prepared to take it to the experts at ClickAway.  ClickAway repairs computers and more..

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