Samsung S8 is more expensive to build than iPhone 7 and Google Pixel

Samsung’s new innovative phone, in stock at Verizon Retailer ClickAway, costs more to make than top phones from Apple and Google.

The new Samsung S8 is unquestionable innovative and beautiful but that comes at a cost. According to HIS Markit analytics firm, the Galaxy S8 costs $307.50 to build, much more than Samsung’s cost to build the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge ($255-271). The Galaxy S8 also is more expensive to build than it’s nearest competitors, including the Apple iPhone 7 and Google Pixel XL. Those phones cost $224.80 and $285.80 to build respectively according to IHS.

For the consumer, the Samsung S8, which is available in all colors at ClickAway Authorized Verizon stores, costs $750. ClickAway offers savings up to $480 with qualified phone trade ins. Click here for more information or call for details – 800-960-9030.

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