8 Geeky Gifts For The Tech Savvy 2019

When fancy soap doesn’t cut it for your holiday presents in 2019, try giving smarter. Sometimes, that means giving useful services like upgrading a computer and making it seam like brand new again. Other times, it’s fixing things that are perfectly good but need some repair and TLC. We’ve rounded up 8 geeky gifts for the tech savvy and all those wannabe loved ones. They are all from your local computer repair business, ClickAway.

1. The old PC that’s still on Windows 7 – Get $50 off a Windows 10 Upgrade

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2. The slow computer – Give a tune up service and get a free Bullguard antivirus.

free antivirus

3. The cell phone that’s well beyond cracked. Give a phone screen replacement and get a free tempered glass protector.

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4. The home security concerns. Give them the Ring Video Doorbell and/or have it installed. Get $50 off Ring installation.

5. The Mac or PC that’s got issues. Give them a computer repair service. Get $50 off repairs of $149 or more. Includes free diagnosis.

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6. Maybe it’s cheaper to buy a new computer. Check out these discontinued products in stock at 25-50% off.

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7. The cell phone that’s covered in…well, let’s not go there but a new case will make it look better, we promise. Get 75% off all phone cases in stock.

8. The lost family photos – give them a data backup or recovery service. Get a free 64GB flash drive with any data service.

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Want to give another tech service? Just call us or stop in and we can design any gift certificate you want.

Holiday Cheers,
ClickAway Computer Repair – We Fix Computers & More.

PS: Need something else repaired, watch what we can fix.
PSS: And if you’re struggling with tech confusion, set up a training appointment.