Unboxing Tech Issues – Buyer Beware

It’s over 2 weeks past Christmas and we still haven’t unboxed those new electronic gadgets. By the looks of all the articles we see, there are probably a lot of unboxing still to do:

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Now that we’re buying iPhones on Amazon and other online dealers, the pressure to make us a good instruction follower went up ten-fold. Frankly, most of us just don’t have time or the interest to read instructions anymore. Sure, there are some that love unboxing new electronics. Most of us are not one of them. We love having the latest and greatest gadget that is going to make mornings go smoothly, our workload or workout easier and our entertainment options greater. We just don’t want to read any directions, deal with cables or pull our hair out trying to reach ultimate connectivity.

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Help Unboxing Choices

  1. Get your boyfriend, husband, wife, kid or neighbor to set it up – in the interest of relationships, we won’t go into the pros and cons. You get get the picture.
  2. Call a reputable service. ClickAway has been around since 2002. It handles smart home devices, computers, wireless networks and more. If you’re out of the Bay Area, you can try smart home providers such as Smart Home Los Angeles.
  3. Call your contractor. That might be a very expensive route for a low cost device setup.
  4. Call the manufacturer. If you can find a help number and if you don’t mind waiting on hold, you might get someone to walk you through the set up steps.