Spring Break Travel Apps to Know on Your Smartphone

College students aren’t the only ones looking for last minute travel deals for Spring Break. Installing and keeping travel apps on your smartphone makes it easy to find great deals. Here’s some of the best we found:

The Best Smartphone Travel Apps

HotelTonight – great for last minute getaways within driving distance.

Yapta – After you’ve booked your flight, register your purchased tickets on Yapta. If there’s a significant drop in the price, you may be able to get a refund from the airline.

Tingo – This is the same service as Yapta but for hotels

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – some hotels and airlines host giveaways on these sites.

Splitwise – This free app can help you divide up the bills if you are traveling with a group of friends.

AirfareWatchdog.com – Just put your dream destination in here and you’ll get email alerts when low fares pop up.

Remember to clear your browsing history when you’re searching in the travel apps. Once airlines spot you searching for flights online, the price may go up so try clearing the history to go back to the original price.

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