Is Your Laptop Overheating?

What to do if the laptop fan is running all the time

All computers work a little bit like vacuum cleaners. They suck air in one side and blow it out the other. Unfortunately, they don’t have filter bags to catch all the dust and fragments we expose them to. If you don’t remove dust from your laptop, its ability to perform quickly drops.  Laptop overheating, slowing down, shutting off frequently, these are all possible symptoms of too much dust inside. 

laptop overheating
Before: Laptop Overheating
clean a laptop
After: Clean A Laptop

If your laptop is overheating and it’s running at max capacity, it will try to reduce its performance to stay cool. You could be in for many frustrating hours of refreshing the Internet, waiting for your documents to load, and staring at that dreaded rainbow-hued spinning wheel. If you don’t want to waste time, invest in your laptop now by cleaning the keyboard every other week and the fans at least once a month. For a deep clean, ClickAway recommends every 6 months. For power users, we recommend once a quarter. Our free diagnostic comes in handy here.

How To Clean A Laptop – Prevent Laptop Overheating?

After just a few months around dust, the fans and heatsinks inside your laptop become well coated. The heatsinks get fully clogged, preventing your laptop from cooling down properly. All that extra heat can cause hardware damage. Your laptop’s fans may also now run at full speed, draining your laptop battery. To stay cool, your laptop might even reduce its performance. 

To make heatsinks dirt-free again, they have to be removed, cleaned, and installed back. This is best done in a laptop repair shop, as it takes quite a lot of experience and dexterity. One slip of the screwdriver may kill the laptop! Most laptops have to be completely disassembled to reach heatsinks. The older your laptop is, the more dust it accumulates and the more upkeep it requires.

Another problem we often see at ClickAway is that the thermal paste between the heatsink and the CPU hardens with higher temperature. If your laptop has been overheating, it’s quite possible the heatsink is stuck solid to the CPU, making it very hard to remove. Our cleaning process includes removing old thermal paste from both the CPU and the heatsink and applying fresh thermal paste, preferably a type better suited for heat transfer.

8 Ways To Prevent Dust and Laptop Overheating

  1. Place laptops away from outside doors
  2. Don’t put your laptop on the floor
  3. Keep floors, desks, counters, cabinets free of dust near your laptop
  4. Don’t smoke near your laptop
  5. Buy an air filter
  6. Prevent your cat/dog from getting near your laptop
  7. Have a laptop repair shop clean your laptop
  8. Don’t use your laptop on soft surfaces, like your bed comforter that will block the fan. If you must, try placing something hard underneath like a book or tray. You could also invest in a laptop cooling pad. 

More Ways To Avoid Laptop Overheating & Other Dust Problems

Another good overheating prevention is to ensure that the rubber feet on the bottom of the laptop are intact. Unfortunately, they are usually just glued to the plastic and tend to fall off quite easy. They are very easy to replace and are available as spare parts for most laptops.

Munching on Cheetos and sticky beverages while on your laptop could reduce  the life of your device. The keys can get clogged and stick when you press on them. Not only does that slow down your average words per minute, but it can also lead to more hardware problems and lots of germy residue. Our cleaning process will clear out the dust, particles, and crumbs that get stuck in hard-to-reach places inside your keyboard. This is real cleaning, not an online computer cleaner scam, which you should avoid at all costs.

In the end, if you clean your laptop on a regular basis and maintain its internal components well, you’re almost guaranteed to extend its shelf life. Plus, regular cleaning will save you dollars on refurbishments and updates, and you won’t need a new laptop so soon down the road.

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