Syncing BMW iDrive with the Android mobile phone

bmw idriveA technician at ClickAway bought a new BMW recently, only to discover that syncing an Android phone with the BMW iDrive using Bluetooth can be a little challenging. The folks at BMW told her it was something in the phone. Verizon told her it was something in the software. The solution was much easier. The Bluetooth would sync but then drop off and contacts would not transfer over at all. Curious, we did some digging. There were lots of suggestions, such as upgrading the iDrive software in the BMW but one worked perfectly, albeit slightly time consuming. SOLUTION:  We went through all her contacts and deleted all the duplicate numbers and the synced worked and has continued to work every since. All contacts are there and calls are no longer dropped. Pass this idea on to all your BMW friends out there – before they get frustrated and waste valuable time. The new technology in the BMW will keep them busy enough.

BMW’s ConnectedDrive system is the company’s most streamlined infotainment system that brings multiple services to you and keeps you connected with all your important information. It offers unique concierge services, mobile app integration, and control of your BMW vehicle with the BMW Connected app. Need to check the weather or access your map routes? The ConnectedDrive does this, and more.

You can also connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to ConnectedDrive as well as through Apple CarPlay on iOS devices. So how exactly do you connect your phone to the BMW Connected system? Here is a quick guide for you to learn how to connect your smartphone to your vehicle with ease.


  • Bluetooth smartphone: The BMW ConnectedDrive is compatible with any smartphone device.
  • Compatible BMW vehicle: Any BMW vehicle produced from 2014 and beyond should be capable of BMW Connected Drive. See your user manual for more details.


  1. Use vehicles iDrive controller to navigate to the settings menu -> Connections -> Bluetooth
  2. Select the option to add new device From there, a prompt will appear telling you to use your Bluetooth device to start searching for Bluetooth devices.
  3. Open your smartphone’s system settings to make sure Bluetooth is enabled
  4. When your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings are on, it will start scanning for available connections to which your BMW’s vehicle ID will appear.
  5. Once your vehicle ID appears, select it and a six-digit passkey should appear
  6. On the iDrive console, verify if the passkey number match. Afterwards, press OK.
  7. Press pair on your smartphone
  8. Your smartphone should now be successfully paired with your BMW


  • Remote Services: this gives you the ability to control all of your vehicle’s most important features, such as locking/unlocking your vehicle, starting your engine, and activating your horn and lights while you’re away from it.
  • Concierge Services: this gives you access to BMW Call Centre Agents to assist you with any help you may need such as finding a restaurant nearby or even giving you directions to said restaurant.
  • Apple CarPlay: If you have an iOS device, you can utilize the Apple CarPlay feature that brings all the great iPhone features to your iDrive dashboard such as Siri and iMessage.

These were just a quick guide on how to get the most out of your BMW’s ConnectedDrive system. If you have any more questions, you can always ask us your local BMW service center or stop in at ClickAway.

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