Stop Destroying Your Laptop

We like to repair computers at ClickAway. We are good at it. But if you want your laptop to last, you should probably avoid these bad habits and stop destroying your laptop.

Careless Handling Of Your Laptop

Laptops are subject to all kinds of abuse.  People carry them around by the display and then are surprised when the hinge breaks. We’ve seen people use too much force to open the hinge lock.  Or tossing your laptop on your bed or onto the couch is also a no no.  Yes, the bed is soft, but one day it could miss or slide off and land on the floor.  We’ve even seen family members here at ClickAway try to use laptops as a drink coaster or get work done sitting by the pool or bathtub. Stop destroying your laptop.

laptop damage

The more you mistreat your computer, the more likely you are to damage  something inside of it.  Take the hard drive for example.  If your laptop has a spinning hard drive inside tossing it around can damage it. If the drive is active at the time, the head could touch the surface of the disk and then you’re in for a hard drive recovery, unless you back-up your data regularly.  Even though your laptop is portable, treat it as an expensive, breakable item.  Remember, the vents on a laptop are meant for cooling it down.  They also don’t like water at all, unlike many smartphones today.

Laps Are Not For Laptops (overheating issues)

Despite what the name suggests, leaving your laptop on your lap or other plush surfaces for long periods of time can cause overheating problems.  If your computer gets too hot, it cuts the lifespan of the hardware. The fans, battery, and even the processor won’t last under extreme heat.

macbook overheating

For those with desktop computers, keep them dust free and make sure there’s good airflow.  For laptops, it requires good habits. Putting your laptop on a pillow or blanket blocks airflow underneath.  The rubber corners or feet typically raise it enough the allow air to circulate. When you can, use a flat surface or try one of those lap desks. That way your laptop hardware stays cool.That goes for leaving your laptop in a hot car or in the sun on a scorching day.  If you can keep it cool and dust-free, the insides of your computer will be happy and for a long time. You will find it’s actually quite easy to Stop destroying your laptop.

Charging Regularly Than Running It Down To Empty

There is no escaping the fact that laptop batteries degrade over time.  You may be helping it loose it’s battery life faster if you always run your laptop down to 0. To get the most battery life you can, always recharge your laptop frequently.  Of course there are times where you need to work and can’t plug in to an outlet. That’s fine, just try to make a good habit of charging after use. 

Power Surge | Power Protection

Your laptop is vulnerable to even small surges from the outlet.  While most PCs have some level of internal protection, you’ll always be better off if you use a surge protector.  We recommend replacing the surge protector every three to five years. Over time, that protection degrades. Of course, these won’t help you if A transformer overloads near your home. 

For further protection, you can get a UPS, uninterruptible power supply. These contain a battery backup so you won’t lose your data during a power outage.  It keeps the laptop powered on until you can shut down safely. Power cords also can suffer damage as we yank them from outlets, which can damage the DC jack and kink wires. Not only does this make the cable unreliable, it can be a fire hazard.  Always pull the charger from the wall plug and not the cable.

Don’t Waste Time With PC Cleaning Scams

Most PCs today don’t require you to delete unused and temporary files to get a speed increase.  That was back in the early 2000s.  Many PC Cleaning claims are scams, threatening some sort of virus or danger if you don’t buy the product. The free versions are just unnecessary.

Registry cleaners don’t give you any benefit at all and could delete something you actually need.  Likewise, new privacy apps that try to stop Windows 10 from snooping on your activities and locations can break other features without you knowing.  Go to Windows 10 settings yourself and adjust what you want or ask a professional to do it. 

As for cleaning up your hard drive, try using Windows’ built-in Disk Cleanup to remove files, videos and songs that you no longer want.  And if your computer is running unbearably slow, try removing startup programs or resetting your PC.  Still not working as well as you‘d like? It’s probably time to upgrade your hardware.