Google Home Now Recognizes Your Individual Voice

Google home now recognizes your individual voice, giving it a leg up on Echo. With this key update, the Google smart speaker can recognize partners, roommates, kids and guests who come to visit, supporting multiple accounts. In fact, users can now set up 6 different accounts on their devices. This simple tweak unlocks Google Home’s full potential.

“When you say “OK Google”, The home speaker will recognize who is asking and provide answers based on your voice such as what’s on your calendar, reminders and details about your commute. In doing so, Google’s device truly becomes personal and gives Google an important edge in the race with Amazon’s Alexa, for now anyway.

Did you just get a Google Home ($99.00 at Google) speaker? This stubby little speaker is about to become your best friend. By yelling out “OK Google!” you’ll be able to set timers, play music, have it control a Chromecast connected to a TV, or tell you the phone number of the nearest Walgreens. ClickAway can set it up or you can follow Google’s steps here.

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