Cool Gadgets and Gifts That Will Actually Get Used

Even for the impossible-to-shop-for person, the latest cool gadgets always make great gifts. But do they really need more stuff? Do any of us? Making what they already own even better is pretty sweet. How many of us would like our laptop to run faster or fix dead internet spots in our home or small business? How about computer training for a parent or even grandma who lives out of state? Before you stress about delivery delays and out of stock notices, take a look at ClickAway’s cool gadgets and gift options for 2021.

Cool Gadgets Including Upgrades to Laptops, Home Wi-Fi and More

Fix a slow computer or running too hot – Computer tune up – $149

  • Fix a slow computer
  • System hardware test (including hard drive, memory, and CPU) visual inspection of motherboard capacitors (desktops)
  • Check for sufficient RAM and free hard drive space
  • Optimize operating system performance
  • Remove unnecessary startup programs
  • Delete temporary files
  • Clean interior including fans and heat sink with compressed air
  • Scan all drives, email, and external media
  • On-site or in-store service
  • Repair damage to Operating System
A good cleaning of fans and heat sink can fix a computer that’s running too hot

Clean the crud out of your keyboard – as low as $49

  • External, internal, track pads, other parts repair and cleaning

Remove virus and ransomware that your anti-virus software has missed – As low as $149

  • Remove hard drive and scan contents for viruses and spyware / malware
  • Multilevel malware / virus / spyware / trojan screening and removal
  • Manually remove all malicious software not quarantined and deleted
  • Install any relevant anti-spyware software
  • Check for current version of anti-virus
  • Industrial strength detection tools
  • Guaranteed 100% removal of threats

Improve internet – Wi-Fi Extension Setup – as low as $129

High-quality wireless internet is one of the best tech gifts you can give. A mesh Wi-Fi system will help extend coverage and help to remove dead spots in your home or business. Another option is upgrading to a new Wi-Fi 6 router. They are much more efficient and use less energy to deliver data plus they are way faster.

Data backup – New hard drive plus data transfer service – as low as $118 w/coupon

Having a physical hard drive is advantageous. For example, you can keep your important photos in the sizes that you want. Talk to ClickAway about your options for data safe keeping. Depending on the size of the hard drive in your computer, and the amount of data you have, a complete system backup can take a long time to complete. And if you’re backing up to an online service, it could take even longer – especially if you don’t have a fast internet connection.

Upgrades – RAM, hard drive – as low as $99

Upgrading a hard drive can fix the following issues:

  • Computer running slow
  • Low disk space warnings
  • Freezing apps
  • Slow internet browser performance
  • Spinning cursor
  • Long boot times
  • Poor gaming performance
Upgrade the hard drive to a solid state drive for increased performance

Computer Training Session – as low as $79/hr.

ClickAway technicians are skilled and patient. Whether in our shops, in your home or helping that remote relative, your loved one will gain increased skills. Here are some of the topics we can help with:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Basic Windows or Mac OS training
  • Video editing software
  • Graphic design software (yes we can help with those photo albums/books)
  • Spreadsheet software (Excel)
  • Basic Internet and Email Training

Security Cameras and Installation – as low as $599 for 6 cameras and installation

  • Installation and setup for daytime full HD performance
  • Installation and setup for intrusion & face detection
  • Mobile view setup
  • HD night surveillance set up and installation
  • Advanced thermal camera installation
  • Free on-site consultation & estimate

Do you absolutely need cool gadgets to gift? Of course, we have those too in any of our computer stores in the Bay Area. If not, we can order them for you and provide unboxing and set up services if needed. You can learn more about ClickAway on LinkedIn, our website or other sources. We have been