Quick iPhone X tips you need right now

iPhone X tips

New phones take a bit of getting used to and the new iPhone X is no exception. In the interest of easing the transition, here are some useful iPhone X tips.

iPhone X tips | How to take a screen shot

Press the power button and the volume up button at the same time. These are located on the sides.

How to use Animoji’s in places other than text messaging

You can send an Animoji from an iPhone X to any phone user via text messaging. But what if you want to send it on What’s App or post on Facebook or Instagram? While we wait for Apple to extend this feature, there’s an easy work around. Send the animoji to yourself in a text message, open and select “save video” and send or post that video any way you like.

How to close an app in iPhone X

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, but instead of releasing, hold your finger for an extra second until the app switcher launches. From there, hold you thumb down on the app for a second and a minus sign will appear in the upper left hand corner to close them. Yet a few times I had to swipe left to right to get the open app windows to show. You might have to play with this one a bit.

Force iPhone X Restart

If the app you’re using crashes and you want to restart, simply hold the power and volume up buttons until the shut down options come up.

Activate Siri

Just say “Hey Siri” – no button. If you’re button deprived, then hold the power button and Siri assist will come up.

How to open the control center

Need that flashlight quickly? Swipe down from the top right corner and the control center opens.

How to disable FaceID

Just press down all three physical buttons at the same time – power, volume up and volume down. Let us know if you have other iPhone X tips or if you have questions.

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