How Did They Get That Shot – Pixel 2 Photo Tips

By Noreen Ochoa, ClickAway Marketing

pixel 2 photo

Montane Mansion (Hong Kong) Pixel 2 Nightsight

Pixel 2 photo tips: New phones have some pretty sweet camera tricks

With the ever-growing advancements in technology, smartphones have taken personal photography to a new level. Before smartphones, taking a professional quality photo used to be an extensive process involving a fancy camera, software for editing, and a lot of time learning how to get that perfect shot. New smartphones like the Google Pixel 2, have proven their ability to capture amazing moments. These smartphone cameras possess the features that make high quality photos possible without much effort on your part. Here are a few tips on how to utilize the Pixel 2 camera to capture amazing moments or just make it look that way.

Get to know your Pixel 2/2XL camera

It is always important to know exactly what you are working with. Play and adjust the different settings on your Pixel 2 and test out the features by taking a few photos. The new camera features we are most excited about include portrait, motion and HDR+. Once you are familiar with the camera, you will be able to make the adjustments needed for any photo.

The sweet HDR+ feature of Pixel 2

The Pixel 2 automatically identifies when a photo will benefit from its HDR+ mode and applies the effect as you press the shutter button. Original Pixel owners had a toggle to enable or disable the feature at will. Buried in the camera app settings is the option to bring back this toggle, for those who want a bit more control. Just open the camera app then slide out the menu and select Settings > Advanced > move the HDR+ Control to the On position. When you go back to the Camera app, the HDR+ button will once again be present. With HDR+ (High Dynamic Range), The processing takes the photo at different exposures, so trust your Pixel 2 camera and allow it to work its magic.

Use your gridlines for best Pixel 2 photo

Gridlines are often disabled because of the distraction they can be when trying to take a photo, but they can be a huge help when lining up your shots. The most common grid ratio is the 3×3 grid, but there are a few other options that may meet your needs better. Horizon and landscapes are best taken with your gridlines activated.

Lighting is everything

When it comes to photography, lighting is often the most important factor to consider. A common lighting mistake made with your smartphone is activating the flash setting in hopes it will compensate for the lack of light. Know your surroundings, and use the natural light from outside or through a window to your advantage for the best Pixel 2 photo.

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