Lost Photo: Keeping Digital Memories Alive

Data Recovery For Lost Photo

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The history of literature is filled with lost manuscripts. Lost photo and digital memories are headed that way too. Ernest Hemingway’s wife lost a collection of his short stories. T.E. Lawrence left what he considered the superior version of
Seven Pillars of Wisdom at a train station. Thomas Carlyle wrote a history of the French Revolution, only to have a maid mistake it for scrap paper and burn it in the fire.

These are works that can’t be rewritten word for word, and when they are lost or burned, they are gone forever. It’s a shattering thought, but one that seems entirely antiquated, since we don’t have to worry about that anymore. Computers have seemingly obviated the fear of losing all your work by keeping it in digital form. The problem is that the data for your Northern California small business or home can be lost if the computer or tablet you are working on is somehow physically destroyed or suffers a crashed hard drive. A lost photo is no joke.

 lost photo

My digital memories – Is a lost photo gone forever?

When that happens, you can lose priceless pictures or valuable business information. You can lose contact info on clients, shipping records, proprietary processes, or anything else. It can be crippling for a small business and potentially devastating for a family. All those digital memories may not be lost, though. opens in a new windowData can be recovered by experts, like those at ClickAway. You can bring back the past in a very real way.

The process of data recovery for a lost photo

Don’t panic if your hard drive has crashed. It may seem like everything is gone, but that isn’t how computers work. The data is there, in an actual physical manner. It is inside the computer, and just needs to be extracted. Here’s what we do to make that a reality.

  1. Diagnosis. Obviously, if you poured a Pepsi on the keyboard it is pretty easy to diagnose the reason why your laptop crashed; it’s like walking into a doctor’s office with a steel pipe through your skull. But with a computer there can be a lot of non-obvious reasons for a crash, ranging from physical damage (from dust or water in the air) to a data overload to a short circuit. Understanding the reason for the crash determines what we can do to recover the data.
  2. Determination of how much data can be recovered. We have an extremely high rate of success, but there are some cases where data can only be partially recovered, or even not at all. Our pledge is to be 100% honest with you about what can and can’t be done.
  3. Data Recovery. This is when our expert technicians actually go in, find, and recover as much data as possible. This data is then stored on an external hard drive.
  4. Repair. Our opens in a new windowcomputer repair technicians work to fix whatever was wrong with your hard drive that led to the crash in the first place. If it can’t be fixed, we can also help you find the opens in a new windowright computer to buy in our store.  
  5. Data Transference. Whether we replaced the hard drive in your old computer or you purchased a new one from our excellent and affordable selection, the recovered data needs to be transferred. We help set up your new system and transfer the data so that your work or home life is essentially uninterrupted.

Keeping Yourself Safe

There are a lot of bad things that can happen to your data. Viruses or malware can cause a crash and freeze you out from accessing it. An electrical component could go haywire. You can drop the computer, or spill your drink on it. Anything can happen.

For that reason data backup is a vital part of your small business, and opens in a new windowautomatic backup is a service we offer. This will make it less likely that you’ll need data recovery. As much as we like doing it, is never fun for the client. Having data backup means a quick recovery. We know it isn’t always possible, though, and that’s why we’re glad to offer data recovery.

Imagine working on a novel, completing it, and leaving it in a cafe. All your work is gone. Authors have even hired private detectives to track down a missing manuscript. You don’t have to go that far if your hard drive crashes. The experts at ClickAway can diagnose and recover your data so that your Northern California business doesn’t have to start over, and your family memories remain more than just a fading thought in your head. Data recovery is a second chance.

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