Is Your Hard Drive Failing?

Hard drive failing is inevitable. All hard drives will fail at some point. Some will fail suddenly, without warning, while others will slowly deteriorate without you even knowing. Lifespans of hard drives vary but as a rule they last between 4 and 8 years with moderate use. In general, there are several common signs that might mean your hard drive is starting to fail.   

hard drive fail

How to tell if your hard drive is failing?

Even though a hard drive can crash without warning, there are key signs that may point to a waning device.

  1. Corrupted Data – If you’re noticing more tainted files than usual, your hard drive could be suffering. Corrupted data could come in the form of scrambled folder names, error messages when saving files, files that won’t open and disappearing folders or files. 
  2. Bad Sectors – Increasing number of bad sectors could be a sign of hard drive failure. Bad sectors are parts on the hard drive that have permanent damage. Once damage occurs, all the data stored on that part will be lost.
  3. Slow Performance – Reduced performance is one of the first signs of hard drive malfunction. When you launch programs, search for files or save documents, a hard drive that is faltering will start to slow down during these actions. 
  4. Freezing/Crashing – If your hard drive is freezing or crashing frequently, your device may be nearing its end of life. This is especially true after you have installed something new and it crashes.
  5. Makes Strange Noises – Beeps, clicks or grinding noises are not normal and could be a sign of something wrong. Repeated clicks occur when the head is trying to write data on the disk, stops and retries repeatedly. As the heads crash, they can drop onto the disk surface, causing scratches that result in data loss. At this point, it’s best to back up your data, turn it off and seek help.

It’s Dying – Now What?

The sooner you act on the signs of a failing hard drive, the greater the chance of preventing data loss. If you are unable to transfer your files, power the hard drive down immediately as this will help to prevent further data loss. ClickAway can take a look at your hard drive, and we can help you back up your data and transfer it to another storage device. 

At ClickAway, we perform hard drive data recovery from any brand or operating system. Get in touch with us today if you need help retrieving your data from a hard drive that has failed. We can help you in one of our 6 stores, at your home or office or via a remote online session. ClickAway has been a Diamond Certified computer repair shop for the past 18 years.