With 3+ Zetabytes of Data In The World – Is Your Data Safe?

When it comes to making your data safe by storing and backing up it up, you’re probably like most of us and haven’t done a thing. We bet you’ve used your tablet or smartphone to create photos, videos, data, or files you just can’t replace. And, like the other bits you’ve created on a desktop or laptop, this data is at risk. Your phone was stolen, your tablet was left on the airplane, your laptop was hacked into and your desktop is just too old to figure out where the files are.

data safe with cloud backupCloud Backup 101

Virtual Ways To Make Your Data Safe

There are countless advertisements for “free” cloud or online data storage. The fine print on all of them is free for only the smallest amount of data, typically 5GB or less. But that’s enough to try them out and see what works best to keep your data safe. The pay options are great for both individuals and small businesses. Our favorites for are:

  1. iDrive – offers backup, storage and restoration. Test it out with 5GB of free storage. Paid plans from $75/year.
  2. Dropbox – Offers storage, sync and share capabilities. Get 2GB free to try it out. Business plans start at $10/user/month.
  3. OneDrive – Offers backup, storage and file sharing. Try it free with 5GB of storage capacity. Paid plans from $99/year.

When choosing one cloud storage service make sure to check all of their features. Also, make a budget and see which one of these options suits you best. After you selected a service make sure to check an in-depth review of the service and see all of its pros and cons.

external hard driveWireless Hard Drives – Of Course

Wireless hard drives are not just for backup. Yes, they let you back up precious content from devices that don’t typically take a direct data-cable connection, but they can also act as storage extenders and streaming-media sources for your tablet or phone. Most tablets and phones come with just 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB of onboard storage, with, if you’re lucky, a little wiggle room for expansion via a MicroSD card. If you own an Apple i-anything, they are all slot-less so this option is not for you.

Wireless drives come in handy if you want to, say, carry a library of movies on a trip to watch on a phone or tablet, but don’t have the room in its local storage. You simply access the content, or transfer it to and from using vendor-supplied apps. They also work with ordinary PCs equipped with a wireless connection, so you can pair the drive with your laptop over wireless, or use a USB wired connection like you would with an ordinary external drive. Things to consider when selecting wireless drives for data storage are capacity, battery life, software interface, streaming support and the number of connectable devices possible. Choices range from $39 (SanDisk 32GB) to $499 (Western Digital SSD 512GB). Ordinary external hard drives are less expensive options as well.

Backing Up Your Social Media Feed

The horror of a hacked, crashed or deleted social media account can mean losing years of personal memories. A social media backup service such as Digi.me can be a simple way to backup pictures, friends, followers, tags and comments from your Instagram account. The software is free for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and works with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Frostbox is another one to look at.
Backup Tips for Music Lovers
If you have backed up your iTunes audio library onto an external hard drive, you can use the device to play your music from another computer. If you’re tight on laptop storage space and finally converted your CD’s to MP3, you can store the collection on an external hard drive or upload to a cloud server such as Google Play Music, iTunes Match or Amazon Music.

Transferring Data Takes Time – We Can Help

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