Coronavirus Cabin Fever? Learn New iPhone Tricks

Send a laser beam in your next text message or try these tricks….

Cabin fever is clearly getting to us. iPhone and Android users have been able to use these tricks for some time. We’ve just never been bored enough to find them. So, you might want to use the time to spruce up your texting and cell phone knowledge with these iPhone tricks. Please note, most require newer devices and operating systems, such as Android 10. If you’re having big troubles with your devices, remember, ClickAway technicians continue to repair iPhones and Androids during COVID-19. At ClickAway we offer no touch services.

iPhone Tricks & Tips

  • Laser beams >> typing “pew pew” makes lasers with sound effects appear in your text message. Alternatively, before sending that text, hold the blue arrow down to see the laser beam option and others in the screen section. Give the shooting star a whirl. The recipient must have an iPhone for the effect to show. 
  • Other iMessage screen effect codewords >> ‘Happy birthday’ – balloons, ‘Congratulations’ – confetti, ‘Happy New Year’ – fireworks, ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ – red explosion, ‘selamat’ – confetti 
  • Close All Safari Tabs At Once >> Hold the overlapped squares in the Botton right-hand corner. Now press “close all tabs.”
  • Delete LOTS of photos fast >>Go to all photos and scroll where you want to delete a bunch. Hit the select button on the top right corner. Drag your finger diagonally in All Photos to select lots of images at once. Then hit delete. This may take a little practice.
iPhone tricks
  • Convert currency quickly >>Swipe down from the top of your Home screen (or swipe left to right on an iPhone X).  Then tap in the bar and type a currency, like $100, and it will automatically covert to your local currency or another choice. 
  • Battery upgrade check >>Batteries inside cell phones degrade over time. To check, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health, and check out the Maximum Capacity reading. Generally, a battery is considered worn when you’re down to 80% capacity. If you’re below, you can buy a battery swap from Apple online.
  • Find that photo fast >>Search for exact photos using keywords. It’s just like a Google Image query including “lake”, “dog” or “cheese”.  Photos for iOS can use the time and location of your photos along with online event listings to find matching photos. 

Android 10 Tricks & Tips

  • Dark mode >>Great to use at night so your screen isn’t so bright. Head to Settings > Display > Dark Theme and toggle it on.
  • Change icon styles, fonts, and color schemes in Android 10 >>You’ll find a number of choices available by going to Settings > Display > Styles and wallpapers. You can pick from the four preset themes, or create your own by choosing from the available fonts and icon styles. 
  • Google assistant without voice >>You can trigger Google Assistant by saying, “Hey, Google,” but if you don’t want to say anything, in Android 10 you need to drag your finger diagonally from either corner on the bottom of the screen. That’s if you have the new gesture navigation system turned on. If you’ve done it right, you’ll see Google’s colors rush from both bottom corners, meeting in the middle. After a brief pause, the Google Assistant will pop up and you’ll be able to type a command such as…How old is [name]? Who invented (anything)? How tall is (name, building)? Will it rain tomorrow? How far is (ClickAway or any business) from here? Help me relax. Browse (name of website). Go to (name of website) and so on.
  • Focus mode >>Android 10’s way of stopping distracting app bleeps while you’re in Focus Mode. Get there through Settings > Digital Wellbeing & parental controls Focus mode. Likewise, try tapping the Digital Wellbeing app in your app list.  Once you’ve opened up Focus Mode, you can add or remove apps from the blacklist, and to turn it on, just tap the Turn on now button. You can also add Focus Mode to your Quick Settings under your notification shade. 
  • Try gesture navigation>>head to your Settings app, then tap System Gestures System navigation. You’ll be able to select between the three different options available to Android 10 users. Use the Coronavirus shutdown time to test them all out, as it’s a personal choice.
  • Change app permissions fast >>Android 10 includes a dedicated area where you can see which apps have access to which permissions and make changes easily. You can find this in Settings Privacy Permission manager
  • Share Wi-Fi with friends >>Android 10 turns a Wi-Fi connection into a QR code, which can be scanned by a friend’s phone. Skip trying to remember the Wi-Fi password. Simply scan the code and they’ll be able to connect to your Wi-Fi. You’ll find this handy tool under Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi, where you can select the Wi-Fi connection you want to share. Then tap the Share button, confirm with your fingerprint, face scan, or password, and your unique QR code will pop up. 

Have some other favorite iPhone tricks that you’ve discovered during the Coronavirus shelter-in-place? We’d love to hear about them. In the meantime, stay safe and know that ClickAway has your back for any computer repair, phone repair or network issues you may encounter.

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