Is Technology Ruining Your Valentine Mojo?

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Last year 55% of American’s celebrated Valentine’s Day, spending a record $18.9 billion on gifts for their loved ones. Now that we’re fully intertwined in the digital age, many Americans feel technology is killing courtship. Smartphones and social media didn’t destroy romance; rather technology is redefining what romance looks like especially among young adults.

Love Notes Take On New Looks

Modern couples are using technology to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. Here are our favorite tech-savvy tips to impress your love.

The Romantic Playlist

Ok, so mixed CDs are out but going through your iTunes library and creating a special playlist is a great way to set the mood and show your love that you actually pay attention to their music choices.

Custom Photo Gifts

Websites like Shutterfly, Pinhole and Slurb let you upload photos on the fly to creat unique gifts in no time. You can make a great card but why not try turning your love shots into photo wrapping paper, mouse pads or holiday ornaments to collect? How about photo luggage tags with a weekend getaway planned?

DNA Portrait

If photo collages aren’t your thing, go ultra-high-tech with a DNA art portrait. Submit a DNA kit and create a striking printed representation of you and your special someone’s genomes side-by-side.

Give the Gift of Technology

Technology can be really helpful for increasing communication in a relationship, so it makes perfect sense as a Valentine’s Day gift. Upgrade your partner’s laptop or get your significant other that WiFi mesh network they’ve been eyeing. ClickAway offers weekly deals that are sure to delight. They last a whole lot longer than flowers or chocolate.

Personal Scavenger Hunt

There are increasing numbers of geocaching scavenger hunt apps to create a custom hunt through your honey’s favorite spots for an adventurous, personal date.

Unusually Geeky Gifts

Last year nearly $5 billion was spent on jewelry for Valentine’s Day with romantic dinners reaching $4.6 billion and flowers $2.1 billion. Wanting something new this year? Here are some technology-inspired gifts that may resonate for to geek within:

Code Necklace – Spell out “I Love You” in code for a cute pendent necklace. They even come in a guitar-shape for the musically inclined.
Geek Love Mug – Cafepress on Amazon offers these large coffee mugs professing your love through geek speak. Now add a box of custom tea.
Beats Swarovski
Beats with Bling – Really want her to sparkle? Consider Beats headphones hand crystalized by or search on Etsy.

While these gifts are meant to help with inspiration, real romance isn’t manufactured. It is completely individual. Romance is for showing the person you love that you’re thinking about them. it can be shown by a handwritten note, by going for a walk, or even by making someone a sandwich. Romance can be something simple and sweet that reminds your partner why they fell in love with you in the first place.

Happy Valentines Day from all of us at ClickAway.

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