Are you a digital hoarder in 2022?

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A digital hoarder is like any compulsive hoarder, only in cyberspace instead of your home. opens in a new windowResearchers at Cambridge now see links between digital hoarders and levels of stress participants reported. If they get to a point where they become overwhelmed by the data that they’ve got, that they can’t find things, that things are getting lost…that may indicate some sort of problem the study says.

Learn 4 steps to declutter your inbox and your mind

It’s hard to say why many people refuse to discard old, outdated and obsolete papers, documents and digital material. We call the term for throwing it out “housekeeping.” However, there is a sharply rising amount of data waste being generated worldwide. Just think about Gmail. It started in 2004 by offering 1GB storage to its users. It was doubled to 2GB in 2005 and today it offers 15GB. With cloud storage options, many of us have access to 3.7 terabytes of data on average. Researchers suggest, to avoid becoming a digital hoarder, we look at archiving as a necessary task, like going to the dentist. It doesn’t have to be root canal every time. We just have to streamline and be willing to delete.

ClickAway’s 4 Recommendations For The Digital Hoarder

Streamline Make sure you organize files and data in your email system. At work, even if you are organized, your staff and coworkers may not be. Hoarding increases cyber threats. So what should you do? Consider terminating files that are no longer required. Streamlining the whole system of storage and backups could be very valuable now and in the future.

Kill Old Accounts The habit of creating online accounts and abandoning them when no longer useful, is a heaven for hackers. Find accounts in the trash and delete and unsubscribe. 

Rescue A Flooded Mailbox – Deleting useless and unread messages could take hours so we suggest apps like and Mailstrom to help control your overflowing email. These apps can even mark certain emails so they are automatically deleted.

Unlimited Cloud, But It Hurts Cloud companies are betting that your data hoarding will require more and more storage options at higher and higher costs. Just because it’s in the cloud doesn’t mean it’s not collecting dust. Consider one study that noted 96 percent of respondents using the cloud and 81 percent of businesses have multi-cloud strategies. Wasted cloud spend is real folks, maybe as much as 30 percent.

Hard Drive Recovery – I Need That Photo Back!

Somehow you lost or can’t find that family photo, that screenplay you started or that proposal for your client. They appear to be gone forever. Whether it’s user error or a crashed hard drive, lost files can be devastating. opens in a new windowClickAway can recover your priceless data.  opens in a new windowData Management Services.

What About Gadget Hoarders?

Stay tuned for our next opens in a new windowClickAway Tech Blog on gadget hoarding and the battle to tackle worldwide e-waste.