ClickAway Leads Silicon Valley With 8th Year on Inc. List of Fastest Growing Co.

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The Inc. List

For the 8th consecutive year, ClickAway has made the prestigious Inc. list of 5000 private companies that “show incredible growth” over the past year. ClickAway is honored to be one of only three companies in the Silicon Valley to make the Inc. list eight times, and leads the region in three-year growth, paving the way for private companies to compete in such a crowded, bustling, exciting, and competitive marketplace. We’re proud to have added 40 jobs in the last year, employing members of the community who combine expertise with the kind of customer service that keeps people coming back.

So what’s the secret to making this Inc. list? As Rick Sutherland, founder and CEO, says, “We started this business 13 years ago to help consumers keep their personal and small business technology up and running and to sort out what new devices they needed and how to use them. The fact that we keep growing at such a fast rate is a testament to our associates’ commitment to provide quality services as well as the continued need for such help.”

So while ClickAway is honored to be on the Inc. list, which contains giants like Zappos, Under Armor, Fitbit, Quick Bridge Funding, and Planet Fitness, we know that it is not just a list of “rich and famous.” We’re not proud of this because of the prestige or sense of accomplishment. We’re proud of this, and talking about it, because it is a reflection of what we do.

Private companies don’t make lists like this unless they have customers who keep coming back, and at ClickAway, we do everything we can to make customers our #1 priority. Here are a few reasons why ClickAway has made the Inc. 5000 for the 8th consecutive year.

Customer Service

To start with, we like to think that our customer service is second to none. It is certainly our top priority. We know what it is like when you need to get a new cell phone if you aren’t already a tech expert. It’s intimidating. And we know that buying a computer, or taking one in for repairs, can be more intimidating than going to a mechanic. You almost expect to pay twice as much as you wanted, because none of the words they use make any sense. We want to make sure that no one who comes into any of our 33 Northern California locations feels that way.

We hire locally, so you are literally our neighbors, and we treat you that way. If you come in needing repairs, we diagnose it and explain to you what went wrong, and what your options are. There’s no techno-babble designed to confuse you into upselling. If you need a phone or tablet, we help you choose the one you actually need. We know not everyone is looking for the phone that came out, like, five minutes ago (though if you are, we’ve got you covered). We’re proud to be a store that can service everyone. Short waits and friendly staff: that’s the way the tech industry should be run.

Expert Services For Northern California Small Businesses

ClickAway is proud to be a leading provider of small business solutions for Northern California. Our business network solutions incorporate network design, installation, maintenance and repair, security, and many others. Whether you have a new office or are starting a business out of your garage, you need the right network, you need it to work, and you need it secure.

We’re happy to be able to provide all those services. We understand small businesses, and their needs. We work with you where you are now and set you up for where you want to be. We incorporate your growth into your network plans and help you get there. You have enough to think about. ClickAway will take care of your tech.

A Great Selection of Computers and Other Tech  

Whether you are the head of a small business or the head of a family, you’ll need computers and mobile tech to get nearly anything done today. At ClickAway, we’re proud of our fantastic selection of opens in a new windowcompetitively-priced computers, from desktops to laptops to Macbooks. With our computers, you also get our impeccable customer service, which will help you find the right one for you.

We also repair the widest varieties of opens in a new windowsmartphones, and tablets in the Bay Area. So whether you are a devotee of Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG (or just want the best phone, regardless), we have you covered.   

Repair: Fast, Affordable, In Expert Hands

When something goes wrong with your phone, you feel adrift. Your life is on there, and oftentimes so is crucial work and contact information. If your home computer breaks, important documents, family memories, and other information can seem lost forever. If something goes wrong with tech at work, your business could suffer, possibly never to recover. We know how urgent these situations are.

That’s why you can come to opens in a new windowany of our repair locations and we’ll diagnose and solve your problem. Our experts help you understand what needs to be done so you can make any decision. We work quickly, and give you affordable service, often starting as low as $29 for smartphones and computers. From cracked screens to melted hard-drives, ClickAway has you covered.

And if you can’t come to us, we’re more than happy to come to you! We will come to your home or business to diagnose and repair whatever is possible. opens in a new windowSchedule an appointment and get a quote today!

Many Stores, Many Ways To Help

You don’t make a list of growing businesses by being recluses. With 33 stores in the Bay Area, there’s a ClickAway near you. All of our stores have smiling faces ready to greet you, whether you need a computer, a new phone, the top accessories, or to fix something you accidentally spilled your coffee all over. opens in a new windowFind one of our convenient stores, and find out why we’ve made the Inc. list for a Silicon Valley-leading 8th straight year. We can’t wait to see you walk in the door.

ClickAway provides Phone Repair, Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Apple Mac Repair, IT managed services and network installation and cabling. Trusted by 750,000 customers since 2002. We beat or match lowest prices in computer sales, repair, Apple repair, home and business networking, virus removal, data recovery and smart home services. Free in-store diagnostics. Our goal is to maximize the level of satisfaction our customers derive from their home and business devices. Because we are a value-added reseller for Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP, IBM, and other major manufacturers we offer an unbeatable combination of great pricing and unparalleled customer service. We support our customers and our products even after the sale is complete.

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