Tech Out Your Workout – Ideas For Improved Fitness in 2022

By one of ClickAway’s resident tech geeks Jeremy Buschine

January brings insane New Years resolution crowds to gyms everywhere. To stay motivated and keep at it, ClickAway associates came up with several ways to tech out your workout. The first stop is probably upgrading your smartphone if you haven’t already. Many of the gadgets and apps work best with the newest devices in terms of operation, battery life, sound, space and so on. Call ClickAway for a quote at 800-960-9030 to repair your cell phone if needed first..

Tech Out Your Workout With Gadgets

Samsung IconX earphones

ear bud image

Hundreds of wireless “sports” earphones claim to be your best workout companion. They provide you with the freedom to do whatever it is you do at the gym with great tech sound. Those with wires limit your movement. Worse yet, they risk sending your expensive smartphone sailing when you forget it’s attached. Today’s wireless earphones should be comfortable for all exercise, not bulky, heavy or ill-fitted. Most noteworthy are Samsung’s latest pair of fitness buds, the IconX earphones. They stay in your ears when you’re jogging, cycling or moonwalking, and they are super comfortable. For small ears, another option is Samsung’s Active Level wireless headphones. They fit small ears best and have a behind the head strap to keep them from falling to the ground. Both work with any smartphone, iPhones included.


If you’re a bit lazy but still determined to get in shape, PowerDot could be the tech gadget for you. PowerDot uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to activate your muscle fibers. You control your workouts from an app on your phone without ever leaving the sofa. Simply select the muscle groups you want to target and an impulse is sent to the pods that causes your muscles to activate. As a result, your muscles feel like they’ve been doing something positive. It’s also compact enough to take on travels. 

Motiv Smart Ring

cycling online image

Do you find fitness trackers and wearables too big, too visible, too uncomfortable or clash with your outfit? Companies and start-ups have been experimenting with stuffing their features into a tiny tech ring for some time and we believe Motiv succeeded. Its ring acts like a fitness tracker, with step counter, heart rate monitor and sleep tracker. It also withstands the elements. You can wear it during swimming as well as on the North Pole yet the ring is elegant, stylish and tasteful.

Sensoria Smart Sock

Sensoria Smart Sock image

Wear this tech smart sock and get feedback from your ankles. That’s where the pressure signals to this fitness tracker are located. Designed for runners, the Sensoria Smart Sock tells you how well you’ve been running and how to improve your performance over time. It’s still washable and as comfortable as the next pair of conventional socks. The app learns from your daily movements and acts like a virtual coach. It provides you tips on how fast your pace should be or how to land your feet correctly.

Tech Out Your Workout With Smartphone Apps

Charity Miles – free & available on Android, iOS

Charity Miles image

Earn money for charities every time you run, walk, or bicycle by using the free Charity Miles app. Corporate sponsors, whose information you’ll see as a backdrop image in the app, agree to donate a few cents for every mile you complete. Browse the app’s list of charities, find the one you want to support, and hit the road. 

MyFitnessPal – free & available on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, Web

MyFitnessPal gives you a wealth of tools for tracking what and how much you eat, and how many calories you burn through activity. Of all the calorie counters I’ve used, MyFitnessPal is by far the easiest one to manage. It comes with the largest database of foods and drinks. With the MyFitnessPal app you can fastidiously watch what you eat 24/7 no matter where you are.

Strava – Free; Premium from $6 per month or $59 per year

Runners, bicyclists, and other outdoor types have a host of apps and devices they can use to track their activities. The best one for competitive types is Strava. It’s used to compare or compete against yourself or a list of strangers on the leaderboard. 

FIT Radio – Free; Premium from $4 per month / $28 per year / $80 Lifetime. Available on: Android, iOS

FIT Radio is free to use and offers a premium subscription. For free you get only one genre of music (the “FIT Radio Free” genre) and only a few mixes, however, you also get advertisements.  The free version continuously updates mixes and the ability to exclude songs with explicit lyrics. A premium membership gets you more than 25 genres and stations, access to more mixes, unlimited skips and track lists. FIT Radio is a good option if you do different kinds of workouts or like a very wide variety of music.

Let us know if you have a gadget or app that helps you work it off at the gym. And hats off to all you fitness folks out there for hitting 2018 at a run so to speak.

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