How to High Tech Your Halloween

Creepy ways to use High Tech for your Halloween

Ideas from ClickAway spooksters

Pumpkin carving AR stencil

If you’ve always been a fan of paint-by-numbers, then try out the Washington Post Classic’s augmented reality carving app that projects a stencil on your gourd when you hold your phone in front of it, making it easy to trace a more complex-than-normal scary visage prior to carving.

2022 Best Halloween Decorations

If decorators want to up their game in 2022, they should consider utilizing tech in their prop plans. There are a number of high-tech gadgets for costumes and decorations available on Amazon and smaller sites to make this Halloween’s decorations the best ever. Try this link for some scary options.

Turn your Tablet, Computer or iPhone into a scary noise generator

One fairly easy way to scare a friend this Halloween is to use your phone as a random scary sound generator. While there are plenty of apps out there that can help you do it, each requires you to hold the phone while using it. However, here’s how to set random screams and cries on a revolving timer:

  • Download a few creepy alert tones from iTunes or Google Play
  • Set the tones to go off with the Alarm function. Just set 10 to 12 alarms so that alerts go off every 17-32 minutes.
  • Hide the phone and let the chaos commence. You could also try setting the phone off by changing your ringtone to something really terrifying, then call it with a tertiary phone number to surprise your friends.
    If you search YouTube for “Halloween music hour,” you’ll find multiple clips that have an hour or more of creepy Halloween music.

Get a jump-scare app for Halloween or anytime

We’ve all seen the videos: someone is watching a fairly monotonous video then, suddenly, a scary face and/or loud noise pops onto the screen and scares the bejeebus out of them. Of course it’s now an app. Look for “scare prank” apps that look like any game. There are even versions that will scare a friend while taking a photo – just make sure it’s not your phone they drop.
How to put your head in a jar Halloween trick

Put your head in a jar

Instructables user   opens in a new windowMikeasaurus invented a way to put your head in a jar without actually putting your head in a jar. This Halloween prank essentially places an image of your face in a jug of fake formaldehyde that almost looks like the real deal. It requires some photoshopping skill and food coloring, but it’s a great way to mess with your coworkers. It would also be a great prop for a Headless Horseman-type Halloween costume.

Turn your TV or tablet into a haunted mirror

You know what’s better than setting up a two-way mirror? Scaring your friends with it. If you get a properly sized photo frame and apply a two-way mirror film to the glass, you can turn your television or tablet into a normal looking mirror. You can then create your own footage or buy some stock footage and set it up so that it plays on loop or via remote command. When your victim looks into the mirror, the footage you picked will play – oh the horror!

Spook your neighbors with a ghost drone

DIY creator Alton Porter released a video last year showing how one could turn a standard commercial quadcopter drone into a ghostly apparition. All you have to do is find a small ghost hanging ornament (adding glowing eyes gets 50 additional cool points), attach it to the bottom of the drone, then fly it around and scare your neighbors. Just make sure you can keep your eye on it and don’t fly it where it’s unsafe.

Turn your smartphone into a beating heart

Share your heart with the iWound app. Originally developed by a NASA engineer, iWound is designed so users can wear a smartphone with the app installed under their clothing and trick passersby into thinking that they’re actually looking at a bloody wound. While it might not be the scariest thing by itself, it’s an easy way of making it look like you have a hole in your chest.

Finally use that home speaker

Now is the time to put a smart speaker to work. Google Home or Amazon Echo can transform any home into a creepy crypt. Create a Halloween playlist or ask Google to find scary sounds and music for you. If you have Alexa, have her read outload a favorite scary book from Audible – perhaps one read by Vincent Price? Having trouble connecting or setting up your smart home devices? ClickAway can help fast.

Hue color-changing light bulbs

Install a few Phillips hue-changing light bulbs and tell your smart speaker to change the color when you’re neighbors are least expecting it. Better yet, sync the lights to music using apps such as Sync My Lights and Hue Disco.

Add zip to that old fog machine

Just plug the fog machine it into a wifi smart plug outlet – $17 on Amazon – and you’ll have ominous fog on voice command with your home speaker.
And remember…
Nothing is scarier than a broken phone, computer, or tablet; the horror!  Come see ClickAway and take advantage of our same day repair service. With ClickAway on your side you don’t have to fear the Tech Reaper!

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