I Forgot My Password | What Everyone Online Should Know in 2022

I forgot my password. Can you believe we are still struggling with this issue in 2021? Password problems are something we all experience at one time or another but rarely try to prevent them from happening. Thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Biometrics, we are poised to get rid of passwords altogether, just not yet. We all struggle to keep clever, cryptic passwords in our head. And let’s face it, there are a lot of passwords these days. So what has changed in 2021 to help alleviate the burden of creating and keeping passwords safe and accessible?

I Forgot My Apple ID Password

Whether you forgot your Apple ID password, your iPhone password, your OS password or others, ClickAway can help. Sure, techie types can certainly find articles on Google that may help get lost passwords back. However, it’s not something that the typical user can do. It involves analyzing file recovery data for one. If it’s Apple, we can help you navigate Apple’s recovery system or help reset the Mac OS password. Ask for our low rate on this.

For lost email passwords, ClickAway charges their low in-store hourly rate. Often it’s just a matter of getting through to the right support person on the other end.

Best password managers 2019

Think of password manager apps as a digital vault that stores your login information and invokes it any time you open that website or app. They keep credentials safe and can generate unique, strong passwords to ensure you are not reusing them across your platforms.  Unique passwords go a long way to ensuring if one site is hacked, your stolen password can’t be used on other sites. These managers come in both free and subscription forms.

i forgot my password

Free Password Manager 2019 – LastPass

LastPass remembers all your passwords, so you don’t have to is their tag line. The free version of LastPass stands out by giving you the ability to store passwords, user log-in info and credentials and sync all of it wherever you want — across desktop, mobile and browsers. It works withWindows, MacOS, Linux, Android iPhone and iPad. Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge and Opera. 

With a $48 annual subscription, you can sign up for the Families plan that gives you six individual accounts, shared folders and a dashboard interface for managing the accounts and keeping an eye on your account’s security.

1password manager

Subscription Password Manager – 1Password

With this subscription of $35.88/year, you can access your accounts and services with one master password. 1Password is available for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux and Chrome OS. Not sure, you can try it out for 30 days for free. The subscription comes with 1GB of document storage and optional two-factor authentication for more protection.

Password FAQ

Can I use a web browser to manage my passwords?

Yes. You can also set up a master password to unlock all the other credentials within a browser. You can’t access any other passwords outside of the browser. It also won’t generate strong passwords and you can’t share login info with others you trust.

secure password

What makes for a secure password?

A password is a way to confirm a user has permission to access an account or device. When you create a new account with an online service, the password you create is passed through a special algorithm (a cryptographic hash function). It’s then converted into a seemingly random string of letters and numbers, known as a hash.

A good, secure password is a long string of capital and lower case letters, numbers and other punctuation or non-alphanumeric characters. Once you’ve selected a good one, you don’t really need to change it often. It’s the ones that are easily hacked into or repeatedly used that you have to worry about.

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When will passwords go away?

Passwords won’t leave us just yet and when they do, it will not be all of a sudden. It will take time for people to incorporate new identity security systems and to make sure they work consistently. Expect to keep using passwords, just do it better. Consider using a program that provides password complexity and login simplicity that exceeds what any one of us can do on our own. 

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