How to Fix iPhone 6s Battery Life

Fix iPhone 6s Battery Life
Fix iPhone 6s Battery Life
Perhaps you just got your new iPhone 6s and noticed the battery drains too fast? It’s probably your settings. Here are ClickAway’s tips to improving iPhone 6s battery life.
1. Change Home & Screen Lock. Mine was automatically set to never, so the screen was always on and drained 60% of the battery. You can check this by going to settings – battery to see how much it’s using. In settings – general – select Auto Lock and choose 1-2 min. or less.
2. Limit Background App Refresh. Mine had all apps set to refresh automatically when near WiFi or a cell network. We recommend limiting refresh to apps you use most or turning off refresh completely.
3. Turn Off Location Services – If you have used Google Maps or Waze for any amount of time you know this drains battery. Go through your apps to decide which should use location services or not. Get there by Settings – Privacy.
4. Turn Off Push – those notifications you get when there’s something new in an app can waste battery. Go to Settings – Notifications and shut off the push notifications in apps you don’t use on your iPhone or use rarely. If you keep them on, like messaging, this is also where you can turn off the sound so you don’t get those annoying beeps or chimes every time there’s a notice.
5. Manage Screen Brightness – It’s set to auto but you can adjust it manually. IOS makes it easy, just pull up from bottom screen and you’ll see the brightness bar.
6. Use Low Power Mode – if the battery is at 10-20%, you’ll get a prompt but you can also do this manually. Go to Settings – Battery and turn on low power mode.
7. Use Airplane Mode in Weak Service Areas. So your iPhone doesn’t work extra hard to find a signal.
8. Monitor your Apps – In Settings – Battery you can see what apps are hogging your juice.
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