How To Fix HP Printer Drivers Mac/Windows Problems

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Your printer sits gathering dust other than the one or two days a month you might use it to print something. After an update, your computer no longer sees your printer. You spend hours trying random HP printer drivers, Canon printer drivers and other printer offline fix ideas to no avail. Do you toss it in the landfill or try to squeeze out the last bit of ink in the overpriced cartridges you just installed? In this blog we’ll discuss “HP printer offline” remedies you can try yourself.

Printers today are mostly obsolete. Let’s face it, you don’t really need to print that airline boarding pass or covid test result, but it makes us feel better to have that paper. This audience is probably more GenX/Boomer but occasionally we find Millennials and Gen-Z’ers with printers stuffed in a corner. We all need to print sometime and when file>print doesn’t work, Houston, we have a problem.

Resolving Errors with HP Printer Drivers & More

Let’s say your printer has been working fine all these years. Then, you update your Apple Computer or PC to the latest OS and suddenly, your computer says the printer is offline, despite the printer saying “ready.” Common tech advice tells you to try these things:

  1. Update the HP printer drivers or whatever printer you have
  2. Check for faulty connections
  3. Restart printer
  4. Reconnect it to your home WiFi
  5. Restart your computer
  6. Clear print queue

You do this a few times over and still your computer thinks the printer is offline. Now you make a last attempt by removing all printers from your preferences and try adding them again > system preferences>printers/scanners> Add printer +. The window pops up and “no printer” is shown. There’s nothing to select. So now what?

Between lots of moving parts and ink that seems to just disappear, it’s no surprise these gadgets cause endless amounts of frustration. More often than not, printer problems boil down to simple WiFi woes. 

  • Printers that won’t connect to WiFi
  • Printers that say they’re connected but don’t show up on the network
  • Printers that show up in the wireless devices list but just won’t print

How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi

If you find your printer disappearing from your network, try powering down your router, your printer and your computer. Wait a few minutes and turn them on in the same order, waiting a few minutes in between. Now see if you can reconnect the printer. If this doesn’t work or you are unsure how to take these steps, contact ClickAway and a printer technician can come to your home or office.

When it comes to home users, most of us just don’t care if we use our printers that often. We’ll let that old thing sit in the corner and gather dust, thinking we might print one day. And when it eventually breaks… and it will… we’ll replace it with something equally chunky and obsolete. And we’ll have problems with printer drivers and other WiFi connection issues once again.

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