How to double your internet speed and 4 other tech tips you really need

So maybe tackling internet speed is not as easy to understand as car speed. But both require some dialing in to get the most out of the equipment. Skip the race car engineer, internet speed can be a DIY task. Here’s how along with other tech tips we think could be helpful.

Double Your Internet Speed

When your internet slows down, you go through the mental checklist. Is it the router? The modem? The computer itself? Is a neighbor using your connection to watch 4K movies?

Here’s a quick way to increase your internet speed: Change your Domain Name System or DNS. Or have ClickAway help you transform complicated IP addresses into memorable site names. It you’d rather do it yourself, remember that some DNSs are more effective than others. 

In Windows, pull up network connections then change adapter options. On a Mac, open Systems Preferences, select Network then the Advanced button. Any difficulties, ClickAway technicians can help remote or in person at your home or business.

Use Built-In Dictation On Your Computer To Save Time

We all know it’s a big time saver to send texts with Siri or Google Assistant. You can use built-in dictation on your computer, too. Built-in dictation is super simple on a Windows PC.

  • Press the Windows key + H to open the dictation toolbar.
  • Note: If this is not already enabled, click the link that pops up to turn it on.

On a Mac, the setup is a little more involved.

  • Click the Apple logo, then System Preferences.
  • Choose Keyboard > Dictation. Make sure this is set to On. You can set up a shortcut to start dictation here, like hitting the Control key twice.
  • Now, open a document, tap the cursor, then tap your shortcut. You can also select Edit > Start Dictation.
  • A microphone will appear. Hit Done when you’re finished.

Pro tip: For best results, be sure to speak your desired punctuation. You may start an email with, “Hey there Tom comma I really liked the input you gave in our meeting period.”

Use Your Webcam as a Document Scanner

When you need to get a document onto your computer and don’t want to go through the steps of taking a photo, sending it to yourself and formatting it, use your webcam.

On a Mac, open Photo Booth. Your webcam will automatically open. Place your document in front of the webcam and line it up on the screen. Hit the red photo icon to take a picture. It will then appear in the bottom right corner. Drag it onto your desktop for safekeeping.

On a Windows PC, open the Camera app. Line up your document in front of the webcam, then hit the white camera icon to snap a photo. Your photo will appear in the bottom right corner. Click it to open, then click the three dots in the upper right. Choose Open folder to see where it is stored on your computer, then move it anywhere you like.

Let Google Maps Tell You When to Leave

Stop guessing or worse, forgetting when to leave for your next appointment. Google Maps lets you set a departure time or an arrival time. Open Google Maps and fill in your location and destination. Then set departure time and you’ll get an estimate of when you should arrive for an appointment. If you set the arrival time, you receive an estimate on when you should leave your current location to make it on time.

Use your phone as a level

OK, so maybe you don’t need this tip too often. But let’s say you need to hang a picture. Your smartphone can be the level. Here’s how:

On an iPhone:

  • Open the Measure app, then tap Level on the bottom right.
  • The level will appear on the screen and is ready to use.

On an Android:

  • Open the Google app or your browser and search for “bubble level.”
  • Use it just like you would a normal level, placing it on a surface.

Let us know if you have more questions about your gadgets. ClickAway is not just a computer repair shop. Visit us to buy, sell, trade, or recycle. We have been Diamond Certified for the past 18 years. We want to help you get the most out of your tech at home and at work. Call us or visit one of our computer stores today. 

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